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Award to Moolechalil, editor ‘Sathyajwala’

Awardees at Chicago meet on Aug.10 th james kottoor Dear Friends, This is a response or reaction from james kottoor about the award to Sri. Moolechalil, and  three others Annie Jacob, AC George and myself. First of all let me say that Moolechalil richly deserves it...


Awardees at Chicago meet on Aug. 10th

(Note: What is given below is also a reply to the long letter, I received yesterday from Almayasabdam, possibly from Jose Antony, about Chicago Award to my friend: Moolechalil, which is omitted here for brevity sake. james) james kottoor Dear Friends, This is...


Over 200,000 Catholics left  Church in Germany?

Cdl. Marx defies Vatican:  German ‘synod’ will go ahead despite plan being called ‘not…valid’ Catholics leaving Church as from a sinking ship in droves? Not outdated canon law but doctrine and synodal thinking should guide the church in Germany thinks Cdl. Marx.   So...