Dump High Command & Apron Strings! US-Kerala Debating Forum’s Findings 

A week before May 2nd Announcement!

james kottoor

Predicting election results weeks ahead of actual announcement is equivalent to live in hope only to die in despaire,  a very risky exercise!

Here below is what a US-Kerala Debating Forum came out, weeks before it was announced on May 2nd, a 3-hour debating which I attended and took note precisely for comparison after announcement.

The debate, as always, was conducted under the very able management of A C George, as always.  It was literally a frankly speaking one in which over two dozen people spoke out for over 3 hours, which I listened and took note. They were trying to predict what would be the possible out come on May 2nd.

None to get majority!

What was their consensus? Briefly: UDF 75, LDF 65, BJP 1, Twenty/20 1; no majority for any. All predicted majority win – 65 to 85 for Congress; 60 to 75 for LDF; just 1 each for Bjp and 20/20. Also opined 20/20 has eaten up at least 4 seats of Congress. None predicted more than one seat for BJP, they may  increase their vote share in Kerala. Majority of US Malayalees seemed to be for Congress! 

Hotly discussed were the reasons for the growth of BJP in Kerala, their attachment for Rahul-Sonia congress party and opposition to BJP & Left? How did BJP with just 2 in the Parliament before Modi, shot up to today’s all-India position? Who was ultimately responsible?  

Rajeeve the Villan!

It was Rajeeve Gandhi, Piolet turned politician who turned “Sha-bano” court case in favour of BJP communal agenda. Later it was pushed forward to the maxim by the Hindutva Reth yatra of Advani, in spite of the warning of Vajpaai to Modi of Gujarat then, to hold fast to “Raj Dharma” while dealing with Muslims. He alone had refused to wear the Muslim skul-cap even as a mark of comeraderi!

But why is Rahul, the immature ‘Butter-boy’  never grows up to become a mature politician, yet is admired and loved by Keralites? Majority of the debating forum trend to think, it is due to the enormous sacrifices Gandhi family underwent – Indira and Rajeeve Gandies murdered, still Sonia sticks to stay in Politics to crown Rahul as the reluctant  haire apparent. The forum  was not fully agreed, so the topic was repetedly dicussed for & againt, with no agreement! 

Rahul has no safe turf in North!

Rahul came to Kerala also because he was sure of losing in his home constituency. Besides the Lilliputin cowardly leaders like Oomman Chandy, Chennitala(he really did much), Mullappally Remachandran, AK Antony  etc. were afraid of promoting really talentd leaders like Sashi Tharoor, T.Sudakarak, Ettumannoor Lady who tonsured in protest, only to lose their credibility and become caste aways. That is why Sashi Tharoor did a tit-for-tat to congrtuate Pinarayi which none of the so-called Congress stalwarts could do!

The US debating forum on the whole was againt Pinarayi Vijayan. They saw him as a dictator with rude vocabulry and manners. Like A K Antony all seem to see real bad dark days for Kerala, if Vijayan gets a second term. The majority saw him corrupt on many fronts – gold smuggling, Dollar business abroad,  Filling up party posts with left supporters, resorting to lahks of fake voters to ensure victory, self-promotion through newspaper ads, not giving accounts of huge sums collected during calamities, signing deep-sea  fishing agreement to foreign companies  and many more!.

When conscience keeper arreated!

When Vijayan’s conscience keeper was arreated the public knew for certain who the real culprit was. The standard to judge, is India’ Famous LAL BAHADOOR SASTRI who resigned as railway minister for an accident under his watch. There is none like him in Indian politics today. Instead what we have instead are fake coins like Mullappally Ramachanran, who offers to resign fully confident the HIGH COMMAND will not allow that to happen!

This scribe happened to know the now glorious Kerala CM from his Lavalin-Nikirsta Jeevi times bringing about equality through barrel of the gun. not through “Manava seva Madhava Seva”(foot-washing the poor)  the kind of communism I am wedded to and Jesus practised. Of course Vijajyan has mellowed much during his Chief Ministership, but has not bcome anything like the unparalleled MAMATHA of Bengal. The difference is between fish(slippery) and flesh Muscle-power of Mamata against Modi-Sha!

Media played double role to survive?

But how did Pinarayi image brightrned soon after voting ended? The Malayalm media stayed with him to help cross the bridge till the last vote for him was cast to do justice to all inducements received from Vijayan, then turned to win the flatter of the unthinking public, by exposing the real Vijayan without any make-up! Thus a cowardly media please both sides for survival, not the really independent ones, it was pointed ourt.

Durgas & Internal Drmocrcy

An awful lot to write about Bengal’s wounded tiger Mamata. What Indian States need more than anything else is empowered Lady Leaderships in states. Let Durgas lead India. The US-Kerala Forum therefore suggested a President’s rule or military government for Kerala for the next five years, to force people sit up and think sensibly and reasonably! 

And what did this writer conclude? It is internal democracy – blind voting to elect starting from Congress President & dumping High Command decision, freeing Congress from the apron srtings of SONIA for good! Next five years is the time for churning the PALAZHI to come out with the NECTAR of a peoples’ party committed to competing to take the last place to serve and uplift the LAST, LEAST and LOST in peoples’  mids and in real world!

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