Here comes ‘World Laity Synod’!

Joseph mattappally (Associate editor – CCV)

Here is another critical step from Global Catholic Church laity at unrest. It is a fact that since 10 years, not a single Syro Malabar Bishop’s Synod had a layman concern for consideration. This is inspite of the citizens' continued efforts to reach them for justice and mercy. 

It is at this point that Kerala Catholic Church Reformation Movement (KCRM) North America unit called for an international get together of Catholic Church Citizens and free Associations among Church citizens. A Zoom meeting on this regard was convened at 8 PM on 12th May from New York. It was organised by Shri Chacko Kalarickal (USA) and AC George (USA). The meeting was attended by 52 laity leaders and Association representatives from across the world. 

The Conference was streamed live and many thousands watched this three hours session in full. Everybody was in full support of a Church Citizens Synod, through which Church citizens propose to regain their due rights in the functioning of the Church. 

The meeting ended with the formation of a 13 members Adhoc Committee, the members of which are 1) Shyju Antony (Convenor – Ernakukam), 2) Mathew Tharakkunnel (Pala), 3) Adv. Boris Paul (Kollam), 4) Adv. C J Jose (Kottayam), 5) Antony Panckel (Switzerland), 6) James Kureekkaattil (USA), 7) Jobson Jose (Maldives), 8) Jose Alexander (Australia), 9) Jose Kalliduckil (USA), 10) Mary Shefi (USA), 11) Santhosh (Ireland), 12) Tobin (England) and 13) Thomas Emanuel (Ahmedabad). 

One notable thing was the unusual unity found among Catholic Church laity associations. All of them were prepared to join together to reach the intended goal of regaining Citizens’ right as per the guideline laid own by Vatican. 

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