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Transgenders take part in the first ever athletics in India in Kerala 0

Kochi Metro is doing it to transgenders! Foot washing is core of Xstianity

  Cover Photo: Transgender athletes take part in a run at the nation's first ever transgender athletics meet in Thiruvananthapuram earlier this year.(PTI)                      dr. james kottoor                                 Preferential treatment given to the poor, abandoned and marginalized  was the thrust...

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​85% Complex explained – The majority complex

85% Complex explained – The majority complex (By Julio Ribeiro) in Indian Express, :May 17, 2017 (Note: “The minority may be forced to reconcile to being second-class citizens. But will the majority enjoy a better life if the rule of law is...

Emmanuel Macron 0

Will ‘audacity’ guide Macron’s France?

  CLAUDE ARPI, Claude ARPI, in Deccan Chronicle, May 12, 2017. The writer is based in South India for the past 40 years. He writes on India, China, Tibet and Indo-French relations.   The strong strategic partnership between France and India...

US Catholic - Sounding board 0


  Parishioners and their priest must work together to create a vibrant parish community. By Rosie McCarty   U.S. CATHOLIC (Note: An interesting article based on a survey in the U.S. CATHOLIS May 2017 Issue.  Have our churches in India ever carried...