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Indian supreme court orders inquiry into state’s use of Pegasus spyware : Judges criticise Modi government’s refusal to divulge what software was used for and why

  Cover photo: A protest in July accusing Modi's government of using military-grade spyware to monitor political opponents, journalists and activists. Photograph: Manish Swarup/AP   THE GUARDIAN 27th October 2021  Amrit Dhillon in Delhi and Michael Safi In spite of the union government trying...


Papal Visit to India – James Kottoor

Jesus consistently taught about the importance of individual rights, and he stood up for oppressed members of society, per HuffPost. He gained a negative reputation among the religious elites of the day for rubbing elbows with lepers, sinners, sex workers,...


How Pentecostal Churches Took Over the World

Cover photo: Pentecostal Church   HOWSTUFFWORKS 14 June 2019   Note:  The article below on Pentecost Church and its rapid spread across the world, has been recommended by Shri Varghese Pamplanil, our erudite writer, critic and researcher. He has a...


Covid blow to Kolkata school canteens

Cover image: St James' School Kolkata – Ramlal's canteen.   THE TELEGRAPH, CALCUTTA 08 October 2021   Covid has hit the economic lives of most people, especially the marginalised and daily income-earners.  The following report in the Telegraph Calcutta clearly shows...