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Don’t equate Republic day with Independence day!

Republic Day, time to reclaim our basic rights! Aakar Patel, in Asian Age, Jan 12, 2021.  None of the rights and liberties that the Constitution saw initially as being “fundamental” are present in the original form today. We celebrate Republic Day,...


Student-migration: brain-drain, capital-drain, drain-tax, sabkasat?

Overseas Indians cheer government’s agenda for India’s atmanirbharta, without investing in it! Written by Sanjaya Baru | Indan Express December 30, 2020  More recent data, post-2015, suggest that the trend of out-migration of Indian talent and wealth has accelerated. While thousands of overseas Indians have...


St. Abhaya Pray for us SINNERS?

Sister Abhaya murder case | She would not have ended her life: judge. K.S. Sudhi, from The Hindu, KOCHI, DECEMBER 23, 2020  This is the latest, report given below, from the Hindu. Reacting on it,  Abhaya’s death/murder, is from one of the readers...


The Headlong Rush to Doom

Varghese Pamplanil   Our Heritage All the countries in the world are peopled by immigrants. Human dispersal from Africa happened around 70,000 years ago to many parts of the Earth including India.   The Indo-Aryans from the Central Asian grass...