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Rethinking Religion

Cover  Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash   THE TIMES OF ISRAEL 2 December 2021                                                        ...


Indian supreme court orders inquiry into state’s use of Pegasus spyware : Judges criticise Modi government’s refusal to divulge what software was used for and why

  Cover photo: A protest in July accusing Modi's government of using military-grade spyware to monitor political opponents, journalists and activists. Photograph: Manish Swarup/AP   THE GUARDIAN 27th October 2021  Amrit Dhillon in Delhi and Michael Safi In spite of the union government trying...


How Pentecostal Churches Took Over the World

Cover photo: Pentecostal Church   HOWSTUFFWORKS 14 June 2019   Note:  The article below on Pentecost Church and its rapid spread across the world, has been recommended by Shri Varghese Pamplanil, our erudite writer, critic and researcher. He has a...