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The Dilemma? – Varghese Pamplanil

Thank you Varghese sir for your regular striking columns. You really make this online portal more informative and thought-provoking. Love to see you sharing more and more from your store. Gently squeeze those loaded neurons and allow honey ooze out...


Great Revolts in Europe and their impact on the Church!

  Varghese Pamplanil   Read a Historical Thriller story by Varghese Pamplanil!   Note: Another powerful, fascinating, gripping writeup packed with facts historical, precise with names and dates! Hats off to You, Pamplanil, you made me a trained journalist, look like a dwarf beside...



  -*Fr Cedric Prakash SJ   Three significant observances mark 9 August every year: the anniversary of the ‘Quit India Movement’, the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Though each...