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April 1st: All fools’ Day? Dr James Kottoor

james kottoor   On Apri 1st All fools’ day in 1960s I took over as editor of New LEADER, Chennai, after completing my 4-year journalism studies in US, from Msgr. Eric D’Soosa, a saintly non-controversial editor for long. I did it...


To day all are running after Hard power, military might!

Why soft power matters: It’s an invaluable asset, India must not diminish its stock by weakening its democracy! Uday Deb                                                                                                                      By Pavan K Varma, in Times of India, March 26, 2021,   The writer Pavan Varma is a regular columnist, author and former diplomat. Weather...


IS GOD TRANSGENDER? Varghese Pamplanil

The article “Is God, he, she, or it?” appeared in C C V has prompted this small presentation. The origins of religions and evolution of gods.  The Hebrew Bible, the starting point of Judaism, Christianity and Islam contains remnants of the...


God: “I am who am!”, neither male or female!

Fr. James Martin refers to God as ‘her,’ attacks so-called ‘damaging’ Portrayal of God as Man!   Father James Martin is the Edior-at-large of America Magazine, also a  prominent LGBT advocate. It is also to soft peddle the already prevalent Patriarchal...


Catholic priest Rodney Borneo leaves Church, formally joins BJP

Cover image:  Catholic priest Rodney Borneo (n white kurta) being felicitated as he formally joins BJP. MATTERSINDIA.COM 10 March 2021 Fr Francis Sunil Rosario   Since Sunday 7th March morning, the news that shook the faithful of the Archdiocese...


The Great Kerala Circuses – Varghese Pamplanil

Various type of circuses have come to town. The tents are agog with trapeze acrobats, hoopers, tightrope walkers, unicyclists, jugglers of  every kind, jokers of all sorts with  outlandish outfits and wide open painted mouths stretched to the ears. You...