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Autocracy, Mobocracy or Democracy?

If Sonia Gandhi wants Congress to continue playing a role in Indian politics, she must start listening! By Tavleen Singh, in ndian Express, August 30, 2020 That time has gone when it mattered to voters that you were the grandson or grand daughter of...


Giving Marx to our leaders! – TJS George

When & where was true Communism practiced? Giving Marx to our leaders! Since Marx was the paramacharya of communism, it’s only fair to begin by asking whether our communist leaders contributed according to their ability? – T J S George, in New...


Congress to New Avathar of Aam Admi?

Using state power to crush democracy: Congress did it then, BJP now! Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as Indira Gandhi showed earlier and the BJP is showing now, writes TJS George. Indira Gandhi and PM Narendra Modi. (File | Agencies)  Note: In this article...