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Is India really no country for women?

INDIA TODAY 27 June 2018   Last night there was a huge uproar on the media and in political circles when Thomson Reuters Foundation released its report in which it mentioned India as the most dangerous country in the world...

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  Varghese Pamplanil       THE PROLOGUE During the course of the last two millennia, the religions of the ”Sky Gods” with their so  called “God revealed and God-dictated Books” have splintered into hundreds of mutually antagonistic warring groups...

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Cover image: South Sudanese refugees sit at the Al-Nimir camp in the Sudanese state of East Darfur ( Getty )   *Fr Cedric Prakash SJ   Last Sunday (17 June) during his Angelus Message at St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis...

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Varghese Pamplanil     Morning comes, the world opens its eyes. Birds stir, wake up and frolic among foliage, And sing aloud, in sheer joy, hearts out. Frisky breeze tussles leaves with verve.   The cow moos in the yard...

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Petition to Pope Francis : Change Church LGBTQI Language

  Objectively disordered? Intrinsically evil? Would Jesus use these words? Change the Catholic catechism! We Are Church Ireland Petition to Pope Francis ahead of World Meeting of Families in Dublin in August 2018.  Note:The  Irish Laity  is exploding loud and clear, in no unmistable...

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  Varghese Pamplanil   Of late hate posts are appearing in the FB in the name of Knights Templars India. It is not clear who is behind this.   We Indians are going through a difficult time. Extremist groups are...