Memoirs of a Catholic Priest, a 272 page book, his latest, by John Wijngaards, a renowned scripture scholar!

When resigning from the active priestly ministry in protest against the exclusion of women from ordination he writes: I appreciate the position of Catholic bishops, priests and religious who gallantly continue in their ministry in spite of their disagreement with Rome. I respect their sincerity in acting thus for pastoral reasons. I hope they in turn will respect mine.

I am deeply concerned about the various groups I have ministered to, such as my former students in India, readers of my books and articles, and those who follow my faith formation courses worldwide. I reassure them that I have not renounced my Catholic faith, and that I stand by all spiritual and theological matters on which I have written and taught.

Finally, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to Mill Hill Missionary Society. I salute my Mill Hill comrades and colleagues with whom I have shared so much labour and joy during my forty years of membership. I wish them God’s speed, and I promise them a never ending friendship on my part.” John Wijngaards


Introduction Chapter 1. What?! Me trying to save Mother Church?

Part One. 

LEARNING TO THINK FOR MYSELF Chapter 2. Into the gaping jaws of war Chapter 3. From the pincers of death Chapter 4. Rescuing my self respect Chapter 5. Pledging utter dedication Chapter 6. Learning to think independently Chapter 7. What kind of priest? Chapter 8. Training for ‘academic war’ at university

Part Two

ON THE FRONT LINE Chapter 9. Subversive tactics at the heart of the Church Chapter 10. Joining battle at Vatican Council II Chapter 11. Teaching future priests in India Chapter 12. Founding Amruthavani Chapter 13. Creating Jyotirmai – to ‘spread light’ Chapter 14. Whirlwind of activities Chapter 15. Coordinating mission worldwide Chapter 16. The future of Missionary Societies Chapter 17. Bishops appointed by Rome to block Church renewal Part Three. FIGHTING THE ‘ANTI-SEX’ BUG IN THE CHURCH Chapter 18. Spotting the Octopus 3 Chapter 19. Screwed up sex guru Chapter 20. Lightning strikes from Rome Chapter 21. The ordination of women Chapter 22. Jeevan Jyothi – life and light for religious sisters Chapter 23. Finding God in a loving partner? Part Four. HELPING CATHOLICS BECOME ADULT IN FAITH Chapter 24. Teaching on three fronts Chapter 25. Bringing priests ‘down to earth’. Chapter 26. Treating the faithful as adults Chapter 27. Wielding my pen Chapter 28. Counselling victims of sects and cults Chapter 29. Walking on Water Chapter 30. How to make sense of God Part Five. THE CLASH – AND RENEWED RESOLVE Chapter 31.

Inner turmoil leading to action! 

Chapter 32. Stepping down from my official position Chapter 33. No sympathy from the Vatican Chapter 34. My marriage to Jackie Clackson Chapter 35. Academic research to update the Church APPENDICES My ten commandments for Church reform Press Statement of 17 September 1998 The books I have written.   

Editor james adds: What is given above is only a brief Good-bye piece, from John Wijingaard's 200-page book. His whole book reads like a detective thriller, but totally factual and historical about his MISSIONARY WORK in India starting in Anthra, with many photographs! You will be forced to read it till the end and get rewarded richly,  if you make a try.

Hans, the pet name close associates knew him by, has been my friend and colleague from studies in ROME, during Vatican II. While in Andhra, India, he collaborated with me  — he bore the whole cost actually —  to bring out a Thelugu edition of NEW LEADER for Andhra Pradesh!

He has sent us an electronic copy of his book to help all wishing to read it.  So make a try and get richly rewarded! The editor will be happy to send it  to any one interested. james kottoor, editor WCV

P S: The book will probably be co-published in India by Theological Publications in India.  So be ready to buy a copy and get richly rewarded! 

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