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Kerala church on Affluence!

Don’t  Flaunt  Wealth  at  Weddings! By Liz Mathew, in Indian Express, August 30, 2016 Quoting reports, the Church body said more than 800 tonnes of gold are bought for weddings in Kerala, while poor girls are finding it difficult to get...



(Note:  On the occasion of the Canonisation of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, CCV's Isaac Gomes gives below a self-explanatory chronological graph of the life of the Mother.  The logo appearing on the cover is the official logo approved by...


Now or never? Syro-malabar Diocese in Chennai?

P.C. Joseph, Chennai,  email: (Note: Given below is a letter from a local group of Catholics in Chennai, mostly from Kerala, strongly opposed to the setting up of a Syromalabar Eparchy there, like Kalyan in Bombay and Faridabad in...


Prohibition & Forbidden fruit

Death by liquor – Editorial in the Hindu, 19/8/16 (Note: The forbidden fruit has always been the most sought after tasty fruit from the time of God’s creation and the tragic story of Paradise lost. Still how is it that humans,...


Christian persecution shows dramatic increase: report

Published on: 12:41 pm, August 22, 2016 Story By:   (Note: The Evangelical Fellowship of India’s Religious Liberty Commission (EFIRLC) has recenty released a report on cases of violence on Christians in India.  This report is for the period...


Was Jesus a Catholic?

  (Note: Jesus may have been ethnically and religiously a Jewish, but his universal message and vision are reflected in the very definition of the word ‘catholic.’ – Isaac Gomes)   Source: U.S. Catholic Historical Jesus scholars all agree that...