CBCI conference in Bangalore


Varghese Pamplanil

VargheseLet the Excellencies, Lords, Beatitudes and Graces have their fun in the salubrious climate of Bangalore

Look at the Catholic scenario in India, a Latin Catholic Church, a Syro- Malabar (SM) Catholic Church and a Malankara Church;  in the SM Church Northern and Southern Wings. The SM Church is on an expansionary mode muddying the waters for the”goats” settled there by hook or crook. The clericals  vie with one another in creating more bishoprics and installing additionalArchbishops, Bishops, Auxiliary Bishops, chancellors an elaborate, bloated, unwieldy  bureaucracy , more   palatial palaces with all modern appurtenances, fleets of luxurious cars and other paraphernalia to prop up an obscurantist, often dangerous and useless inverted pyramid superstructure. There are already a number of superannuated bishops bleaching methane gas and whiling away their time  scratching various parts of their anatomy. The upkeepof these  most unproductive enterprise involves  crores  of rupees. What do these clerics deliver, but inanities and trivia.  The beasts of burden aptly named, the Cattle Class, have  to bear the back-breaking task of keeping these useless out fit, without any   tangible return; onlypromise ofpie in the sky. These uppity shamans berate, abuse the generally dumb cattle; the cattle class has no voice, no  relevance in the Church except feeding these thoroughly useless lot by girding their loins with minimum cloth and tightening their already empty stomachs.  Their plight is to simply to  obey  the  arbitrary diktatsof even the nearly ordained,  hardly educated callous youthstrutting  about claiming to be the “anointed” , the “divinely chosen ones” and what not.

Anybody would be impressed by the the high-flown verbiage of the CBCI press release “United in diversity for a Mission of Mercy and Witness“ and “open and full dialogue with followers of all religions and ideologies so as to  promote peace and harmony.“ Shake your heads in bewilderment, pinch your ears and be ready for the Utopia. Or is it the Wonder Land of Alice?

Will  the Zero Catholic  Church ever start any meaningful dialogue with its own members on matters germane to them? Will they allow oversight over the financial affairs of the Church? Will the ”infallible clergy” initiate an open discussion on how to revise the meaningless prayers and songs while conducting the so called Holy Mass, revise the meaningless prayers and above all desist from the blurting out trivial  and abusive sermons, stop the demeaning and  nausea inducing parade with dead bodies with loud wailing  and chest beating and calling the deceased “sinner,  worthless blade of grass and a nobody?". Will the Catholic Church ever abandon the Innocent III imposed Auricular Confession, a gross and naked  violation of the  right to privacy?

WILL THE CLERICS PUT AN END TO THE ALL PERVADING CORRUPTION, CRONYISM, NEPOTISM AND FAVOURITISM PREVALENT IN THE CHURCH IN ALL MATTERS INCLUDING FILLING UP POSITIONS IN CHURCH-RUN INSTITUTIONS? Why crores of rupees are collected with the euphemism “ donation“?, (my foot). Do the huge amounts collected ever accounted for? It is as clear as the summer daylight, the funds looted from the “goats“ are pilfered with impunity. Will the cassock wearers desist from making the credulous cattle running from pillar to post when they approach them for baptism, church weddings  and above stop behaving  like Shylocks when it comes to burial in the already paid for church cemeteries? Not a chance! What do the mostly uneducated clerics  think about  themselves? Should they arrogate themselves as “know alls”and dare to pull up even venerable elders among the church members? Do these upstarts know how the world functions? Are they not aware that there are many intelligent, knowledgeable and wise persons in the community?

Don’t expect any thing good coming out of the Catholic Church  especially the SM Church. They are not here to ennoble the human spirit and lift the believers to a  higher plane of thought and meaningful action. They are here to plunder and drag the faithful to the bottom of the cesspool of superstition and meaningless rites.

The Eminences have ensured that the Conference is held well before Lent beginning from 14th February so that theyindulge in  drinking litters of top quality liquors and consume kilo grammes of  non-veg with a clear conscience. What would come out  will be  a lot of meaningless platitudes? Don’t worry, be happy, the fat cats of the Church know for sure they will not be lynched  on the streets, prosecuted for carrying beef, won’t be called names for being Christians. Are they in the know of the rustic scantly clad  Galilean, whose followers they claim to be and not the blond-haired Caucasian with a flowing beard painted by Da Vinci, Titan, Raphael and others. All these charades are in the name of the Galilean rustic who ate with unwashed hand and who said that the Sabbath is for the human and not the other way. 

“ Kattile thadi, thevarude aana  valiyada vali “

Hallelujah at the Highest. Amen

Varghese Pamplanil

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