Monthly Archive: November 2021


Hang over of Sodom & Gomora!

This advocate is set to be India’s first openly Gay Highcourt judge, findout More! The controversy over his recommendation and reported objection by the Centre has been widely speculated in the judicial corridors during the last four years.   By Online Desk, Published: 16th November...


Social justice stressed! ‘In the name of God’:

Pope calls on Big Tech to combat ‘fake news, conspiracy theories!’ David McLoone, Wed Oct 20, 2021 – 12:14 pm EDT  The Pope urged Big Tech to intensify its focus on controlling public discourse by culling ‘hate speech, grooming, fake news,...


An Insight into why Pope Francis is criticised!

Pope Francis’ ecumenical Abrahamic Family House project contradicts the teachings of Jesus! The price of entry into the Abrahamic House is to de-emphasize the central elements of the Christian faith.The proposed Abrahamic Family House, to be built in Abu Dhabi. From...