Become Good Samaritans to fight Groupism and High Command!


What is happening in the Congress party? Sinking, sinking, finally to draw the last breath, to seal the dream of many who want to see a “Congress-mukt-Bharat?” That was the discussion for too long.


Nepotism and Groupism is Everywhere - GCC ExchangeSuddenly the unexpected happened: “The High Command finally managed to decide or rumoured, to slaughter GROUPISM – A-group, I-group and now the die-hard dirty Oomman Chandy, Chennithala, A.K. Antony and worst Mullappally trying to please all and failing everywhere – by ushering in K Sudakaran, our second, not first, preferenve as party president! It was a great wonder that High command, noted for indecision could take such a drastic decision!


In bourgeois parties!

But don’t worry, the High Command in the next breath slipped back to its indecision, saying: "we are confused, let status quo with unbearable Mullappally continue" and all hopes dashed! Irreformable indeed is High Command, until its (High command’s) last breath goes out, said one desperate critic! In bourgeois parties who is the high command?


This is what some one has written: “In bourgeois parties the leader and party boss are the same as Modi in BJP, Sonia in Congress and Pinarrayi now in Kerala CPM.” So it looks  that no kite or bird  in Kerala will dare fly over Vijayan’s diktats! But the latest news is Sonia is still looking for a better choice than Sudakaran! In that case we suggest our first choice: Sashi Tharoor as the Congress President in Kerala. He will do the impossible: Revive  Congress in Kerala!


Dare & take Risks!

No pain, no gain! No progress is ever possible without taking calculated risks! Sonia is no God, must stop playing God! Otherwise it will be the end of both Sonia and Congress! It is here that one has to take one or two lessons from  Mamata Banerjee, a wounded soldier of West Bengal. Is there any one in India shining better for fighting spirit, taking risks, simplicity in dress and dedication to serve the poor of her state?


Only one wonders why leaders of other states in India hesitate to join hands with her to form a national front to bring about a regime change instead of finding fault with the existing national dispensation. Politics is a public national venture, where one should either lead, follow or get out of the way as a hindrance!


Patriarchy roadblock?

Or is it patriarchy or male domnation that stands in the way of available lady leadership and expertise? Even here Kerala has many lessons to teach. Think of the golden opportunity of a KR Gauri squandered, of Jyoti Basu on national level called (Historic blunder), the very recent event of dumping Shailaja Teacher, Lady Subash of Ettumanoor who tonsured in protest for denying ticket etc.


Yes, ladies are marginalized in leadership roles globally, but specially in poor developing countries in India, Africa and South America. But this is not the case with ladies in Kerala, a highly literate state on a par with any developed country in the world! So Kerala ladies must set an example for the rest of the world.


Be Good Samaritans!

But one thing at a time, in one place and within one’s reach! We live today in an age of immediate  communication and instant responses. It has reduced the world into a global village of shouting distance only. So we have to learn today to live, not in a nuclear family of two or three but of millions with whom we are reacting constntly, knowingly or unknowingly.


In such a context "Groupism and High Command" have no relevance, but only equality and brotherly/sisterly unity of “Fratelli Tutti” of Francis Pappa, befriending and serving the lowly placed, those left uncared on the margins of society. That is what it means to be GOOD SAMARITANS, the antidote to groupism, high command and the sure secret to change the world for the better instantly!

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  1. George Nedumparambil says:

    Even if Modi is not there, BJP will stand. Could the same be said of Congress minus Gandhi family? Hardly. Congress is on fast track to self destruction not only in Kerala but at the top in Delhi.  A and B groups must be forcefully liquidated if the party wants to survive in Kerala.  As of now, someone outside these groups has a struggle ahead.  It must be done, remove Chennithala and Chandy from the pecking order and let some no-group fellow take charge.  I do not believe that Taroor fits the bill as he is too sophisticated to bring about cohension among a bunch of idiots some of whom had no qualms in showing their dislike for the manner Taroor was brought in.  They still do. 

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