Who is Running the World?



Early morning, June 1st 2021, I opened my laptop and there appeared the following email to me asking:



I read the whole and am unable to grasp its global implications; nor able to answer it. So I am referring to  you. You the better enlightened than me the “know-nothing”, please help me to answer this question. A million thanks! james

“If the western world, such as countries like USA, Canada, England, deported all of their Indian immigrants and their families… their hospitals would close, their Universities, including their Ivy League universities, wouldn’t exit, the technological industries would suffer, Silicon Valley would be extinct!.. India is largest brain exporter in the world!”  


Who's running the World?

Biden, Putin and Xi were arguing on Who’s in charge of the world ?
US , Russia or China ?
Without any conclusion, they turned to Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister and asked him Who’s in charge of the world ?
Modi replied  : *All I know is*:

1. Google CEO is an Indian.
2. Microsoft CEO is an Indian.
3. Adobe CEO is an Indian.
4. Net App CEO is an Indian.
5. MasterCard CEO is an Indian.
6. DBS CEO is an Indian.
7 Novartis CEO is an Indian. 
8. Diageo CEO is an Indian.
9. SanDisk CEO is an Indian.
10. Harman CEO is an Indian.
11. Micron CEO is an Indian.
12. Palo Alto Networks CEO is an Indian.
13. Reckitt Benckiser CEO is an Indian.
14. IBM CEO is an Indian.
15. Britain’s Chancellor is an Indian.
16. Britain’s Home Secretary is an Indian.
17. Ireland’s Prime minister is an Indian.
And the American Vice President is Indian.

So who's running the World ?
Very interesting !!



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  1. George Nedumparambil says:

    There is no Indian CEO in China and they seem to be doing pretty well and ahead of the US in many ways. Indians just happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right qualifications and above all with an "all work and no play culture", something that the white Americans have not been able to adapt to but eminentally appreciated by business owners who at the end of the day look to bottom line and ever expanding balance sheet.  

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