George Neduparambil responds to Rev. Valson’s article “We Owe an Apology to Muslims”



The Syro-Malabar Church of Kerala must publish details, with the consent of families, of the cases where love jihad was allegedly involved in taking away their daughters.  


I am afraid the Muslims themselves need to do more.  Their silence when Christians or other religious groups are persecuted elsewhere in the globe, creates a genuine suspicion in the minds of others.  For example, they missed out on an opportunity to come out en masse in protest when Sri Lankan church was bombed out by a terrorist belonging to their faith.  In Northern Nigeria, Christians and their institutions are vandalized with many killings  almost on a daily basis. 


I am sorry, somehow the impression that Muslims in India has sent out is that they are quick to complain when their interests are threatened or under perceived threat.  On the other hand, they maintain total silence when their compatriots in other countries like Pakistan or even within India indulge in Christian or Hindu bashing or terrorism. They must speak aloud their opposition to such atrocities to clear accumulated trust deficit. 


There is no alternative to living in peace, harmony and mutual respect.  Indians regardless their faith need to understand this. 

Geroge Neduparambil


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2 Responses

  1. I apologize for my silence for last 4 days. Sorry my laptop was under repair, so couldnot even sent important  posts. One posted only today 4 days late. In the present instance I can only agree with George. More later. We are all brothers and sisters only as Jesus tells us in Mt.23. Religions are all manmade, as Vayalar said long ago!

  2. Isaac_gomes says:

    George Nedumarambil's letter to the editor has raised very pertinent questions. 

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