Tyagarachana Shanti Mission An Inter-religious Mission for Peace & Sustainable Development

                   (Note:  Swami Sachidananda Bharati is  a  well-known promoter of peace and sustainable development in India, and also a  long time good friend of CCV Editor (now lost touch with for some time). An encounter with death in an air accident, when he was a former Indian Air Force Squadron Leader, and subsequent encounter with what he describes, the “living Spirfit of Christ” turned him into what he describes himself as “Acharya,Guru”.

                     He is the Founder of Dharma Rajya Vedi, Disciples of Christ for Peace, Dharma Bharathi Mission,  Tyagarchana Shanti Mission and Navasrushti International Trust. He has also founded 3 Ashrams as spiritual centres for his mission in south, central and north India. He was one of the delegates who represented India in the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual James KottorLeaders in the United Nations. He has also been invited to address the CBCI, CRI, FABC and other Church bodies. The article below and future ones will tell more about him. CCV welcomes him cordially and looks forward to get  enlightened and enriched by his spiritual insights. james kottoor, editor).

  Swami Sachidananda Bharathi                                                                                 

  Acharya, Guru      

  DRV Bhavan,    C-1146, Indira Nagar                                                                                                   

  Lucknow – 226, UP                                                                                                                                

  7th Oct 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Dear friends,

I send you my loving regards and prayerful best wishes from ‘DRV Bhavan’, Lucknow.

‘Tyagarchana Shanti Mission’ (TSM) is an interreligious mission for a culture of peace and sustainable development on earth. It is also part of our pilgrimage of faith towards the ultimate destiny of human life in this world. It is good and necessary for us to take stock of things once in a while.

The ‘3Q’ Methodology adopted by us for TSM teaches us to ask 3 questions periodically: Where are we? Why are we here? What are we going to do next? Satisfactory answers to these questions will help us to remain on track in our mission and in our pilgrimage of faith in this world. I am sending herewith a brief ‘Report’ of TSM so far and our ‘plan of action’ for the immediate future. I will be grateful for any feedback and constructive criticism.

TSM was initiated by me as an interreligious mission for a culture of reconciliation and peace in India following the unprecedented communal violence in western UP in 2013-2014. I was involved in a reconciliation and peace project in this region after the devastating communal violence. UP was chosen as the ‘Karma Bhoomi’ of TSM.

TSM was formally inaugurated in UP by Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar, Secretary, National Foundation for Communal Harmony, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, on 16th May 2015 at CMS Auditorium, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. My magnum opus ‘INTEGRAL REVOLUTION’ was also released by him in this inaugural function on that day. TSM has grown and expanded in its vision and scope over the years. It has now become capable of being envisioned as an interreligious mission for helping India achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the nations of the world in the historic UN Summit held in September 2015.

The ‘G20’ in which India is an important member has recognized ‘Religious Harmony’ as a necessary requirement for achieving the SDGs. I am invited to speak on this theme in an International Seminar being organized by Sri Venketeswara University, Tirupati, on 17 & 18 of this month. I will also be speaking on this theme in a Seminar being organized on 23rd of this month at Patna by the Human Rights Association of Bihar.

2 Phase – 1 (From 16th May 2015 to 5th October 2016) UP has been the seedbed and experimental laboratory of TSM. The period from the inauguration of TSM in UP on 16th May 2016 till 5th Oct 2016 could be considered the 1st Phase of TSM (UP). This has been a period of hectic activity for us. The following 12 activities and achievements could be credited to TSM (UP) during this first Phase.

1. Tyagarchana Shanti Yatra Soon after the inauguration of TSM in UP, a five and half months long ‘Tyagarchana Shanti Yatra’ was undertaken by us from 15th August 2015 to 30th January 2016 to promote communal harmony and peace in this most communally violent state in India. We were accompanied in this Yatra by an eight-member team of performing artists from Prerana Kala Manch, Varanasi, with Rev. Fr. Anand Mathew, IMS (Director, Vishwa Jyoti Communications, Varanasi) serving as the Chief Coordinator.

 We had presented 200 programmes and reached out to more than 1,65,000 people (majority of them were youth and students) across UP during the five and half months long Tyagarchana Shanti Yatra with the message of communal harmony and peace. Promoting the two interreligious programmes of TSM consisting of ‘Tyagarchana’ and ‘Pancha Sutra’ across UP was the first important achievement of the Tyagarchana Shanti Yatra.

 2. Lucknow Pilot Project Launching a ‘Lucknow Pilot Project’ (LPP) of TSM in collaboration with the Catholic Education Society of the Diocese of Lucknow was the second important achievement of the five and half months long Tyagarchana Shanti Yatra. The LPP was inaugurated by Most Rev. Dr. Gerald John Mathias, Bishop of Lucknow, on 29th Jan 2016 in Loretto Convent School, Lucknow. The aim of LPP is to promote the ‘Tyagarchana’ and ‘Pancha Sutra’ programmes of TSM as Practical Peace & Value Education Programmes in educational institutions within the Catholic Diocese of Lucknow and to promote an interreligious campaign termed ‘hunger-free childhood campaign’.

This will help to make the Lucknow Diocese an inspirational model of peace and sustainable development through interreligious dialogue and cooperative action. Jaitanpur village on Lucknow-Sitapur Road is selected as the first ‘target area’ for the hunger-free childhood campaign within the LPP of TSM.

3. Comprehensive Manual – 2016 for TSM Bringing out the ‘Comprehensive Manual-2016’ for Integral Revolution & Tyagarchana Shanti Mission was the third important achievement of the Yatra. This Manual was released on 29th Jan 2016 during the concluding Seminar organized in Smriti Bhavan, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. The aim of this Comprehensive Manual is to reorient TSM in the light of the experiences gained during the Tyagarchana Shanti Yatra. An effort is also being made through this Comprehensive Manual to make TSM a powerful interreligious mission that can provide a strong socio-spiritual foundation for the much-needed ‘Integral Revolution’ to build a hunger-free, caste-free & corruption-free India.

 4. Bhookhmukt Bachpan Abhiyan Initiating a ‘Bhookhmukt Bachpan Abhiyan’ as the first interreligious campaign of TSM for hungerfree childhood was the fourth and most important achievement of Tyagarchana Shanti Yatra. This first interreligious campaign of TSM aims to ensure that all poor children below 14 years of age will get ‘Prabhu Ka Prasad’ (nourishing vegetarian meal or some nutrition supplement) in the evening every day. Non-formal education based on the Pancha Sutra programme of TSM will also provided to these poor children to satisfy their hunger for love, attention, hygiene, and knowledge. The resources for this interreligious campaign of love are being mobilised mainly through a widespread application of the Tyagarchana programme of TSM and from the ‘prem daan’ (loveofferings) made by people of goodwill.

 5. Opening & Operating S/B Account for TSM with Federal Bank A S/B Account was opened in the name of Navasrushti International Trust (TSM) with the Federal Bank, Lucknow Branch. Funds of TSM are being channelized and accounted for through this S/B Account which is being jointly operated by Rev. Fr. Ronald D’Souza, Chairman, Lucknow Pilot Project and Sadhak Pramil Kumar Bharat, National Convener of TSM.

6. Dharma Rajya Vedi (DRV): Dharma Rajya Vedi (DRV) is the Communal Harmony Wing of Navasrushti International Trust (NIT) founded and registered by me to give practical expressions to the ‘Commitment to Global Peace’ signed by the religious and spiritual leaders of the world in the ‘Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders’ organised by the United Nations in August 2000. I was one of the delegates who represented India in this Millennium World Peace Summit. I was also a signatory to the ‘Commitment to Global Peace’. NIT is the legal holder and accounting authority of TSM. DRV is being re-organised as a sociospiritual network of autonomous ‘Dharma Rajya Satsangs’ of 3 or more members who are committed to promote the vision and programmes of TSM in their own locality/institute/ organization/ community/home.

DRV is also now made responsible to provide organizational support to TSM and its ‘Bhookhmukt Bachpan Abhiyan’. Sdk Pramil Kumar Bharat is the Trustee-In-Charge of DRV. He has set up a National Office for DRV in the first floor of his own house in Indira Nagar at Lucknow. The address of National Office of DRV is: ‘DRV Bhawan’ C-1146 (First Floor) Indira Nagar, Lucknow – 226016 Mobile – 09839172462 & Tel – 05224007138 E-mail: drvindia15@gmail.com & URL: www.navasrushti.org

 7. First Anniversary Celebration of TSM (UP): The first Anniversary of TSM (UP) was celebrated on 14th May 2016 with an impressive Sarva Dharma Satsang in CMS Auditorium, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. A number of prominent religious and social leaders and educationists took part. A Brochure of TSM (UP) was also released on that day in this Sarva Dharma Satsang.

8. Inauguration of Kabir Bharathi Ashram- Jaitanpur & First Dharma Rajya Satsang Kabir Bharathi Ashram-Jaitanpur on Lucknow-Sitapur Road was inaugurated on 3rd July 2016 as the ‘spiritual orientation center’ of DRV, TSM (UP) and Lucknow Pilot Project. The first Dharma Rajya Satsang was also organized in the Ashram on that day with Most Rev. Dr. Gerald John Mathias, Bishop of Lucknow, as the Chief Guest. Sri. Paramjeet Singh, IRS, Managing Trustee of NIT and National President of Dharma Bharathi Mission, was the President of the Satsang. Sri. RK Mittal, IAS (Retired), Dr. (Adv) VB Singh, Founder & General Secretary, COMRON, Prof. Dr. Sheela Misra, Dr. Kirti Narayan, Ms Lily Fernandes & Rev. Fr. Anand Mathew, IMS were the Guests of Honour.

 Members of Prerana Kala Manch from Varanasi were special invitees. Bishop Gerald Mathias also inaugurated the Navasrushti Eco Bags Project in the Ashram that day. Kabir Bharathi Ashram functions under the legal ownership and accounting authority of Navasrushti International Trust and as an Extension Center of Navasrushti Ashram-Nagpur under the spiritual guidance of the Acharya-guru of NIT & Navasrushti Ashram. Sdk Pramil Kr Bharat, Trustee-In-Charge of DRV and donor of the land for the Ashram was given ‘diksha’ in the morning of 3rd July 2016 and made the ‘Sadhak-In-Charge’ of Kabir Bharathi AshramJaitanpur from that day with full responsibility to manage the affairs of the Ashram and develop it further to fulfill its assigned role under the guidance of the Acharya-guru of NIT & Navasrushti Ashram-Nagpur.

The Catholic Education Society, the Commercial Tax Retired Officers’ Association of UP (COMRON) & Yamuna Apartment Residents Welfare Association (YARWA), Lucknow are the three organizations that have already come forward to collaborate with DRV to develop the Ashram as a spiritual center for TSM (UP) and Lucknow Pilot Project.

 9. Release of the First Anniversary Special Souvenir of TSM The ‘First Anniversary Special’ Souvenir of TSM presenting a detailed report of the various activities and achievements of TSM in UP during the first year since its inauguration on 16th May 2015 was released on 15th August 2016. This First Anniversary Special Souvenir was edited by Prof. Dr. Sheela Misra, Prof & HOD, Dept of Statistics, Lucknow University. It includes inspiring Messages from a number of prominent people like the Governor, Chief Minister & Chief Secretary of UP; as well as Religious leaders, Vice Chancellors and Educationists etc. The Souvenir also includes Articles, Poems and Stories in addition to the Report and Accounts of the five and half months long Tyagarchana Shanti Yatra.

  The Souvenir was released by Goswami Sushil Kumar Maharaj, Convener, ‘Bharatiya Sarva Dharma Sansad’ (Indian Parliament of Religions) in an impressive function organized by Yamuna Apartment Residents Welfare Association in collaboration with DRV, DBNI & Rotary Club of Lucknow Khaas.

10. Issue of ‘Manual 2016’ for DRV A ‘Manual-2016’ is prepared and issued for DRV by NIT. It contains the vision, ideology and action plan of DRV edited by me. DRV is called to function in accordance with the contents of this Manual from 1st September 2016. The Manual will be revised by NIT after 5 years if found necessary. DRV will concentrate its efforts in UP for the first five years as mentioned in the Manual and strive to develop TSM as a powerful interreligious mission for promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development in UP.

 A ‘State Coordination Team’ of 5 members nominated by the Acharya-guru will be responsible to take DRV forward in its mission in UP hereafter as outlined in Chapter-8 of DRV Manual which lays down the guidelines for the organization and management of DRV.

 11. ‘Ashram Nishta’ established for Kabir Bharathi Ashram I devoted time and energy between 3rd July & 5th Oct 2016 to establish a ‘Nishta’ (daily spiritual routine) for Kabir Bharathi Ashram so that the State Coordination Team of DRV can take the Ashram forward to its destined role and mission under the leadership of the Sadhak-In-Charge. In response to the requests from some religious-minded people from the village, we have also installed a Sound System (‘AHUJA’) with a Battery (power supply in the village is very erratic), Adapter and Battery Charger in the Shanti Bhavan of the Ashram so that the ‘Sandhya Vandana’ (prayers in the morning, noon and evening) in Shanti Bhavan can be heard and participated in by those living around the Ashram.

12. Second ‘Dharma Rajya Satsang’ in Kabir Bharathi Ashram on 2nd Oct 2016 The second ‘Dharma Rajya Satsang’ was organized in Kabir Bharathi Ashram on 2nd Oct 2016 to commemorate the Birth days of Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri as well as to celebrate the World Non-violence Day declared by the United Nations. 2nd Oct is also the birthday of DRV. The Matri Bhavan in the Ashram renovated with the generous support of COMRON was inaugurated on that day. More than 200 poor children were given ‘Prabhu Ka Prasad’ in the Matri Bhavan during this well-attended Satsang. Clothes were also distributed to poor children and poor people in the village.

 A number of well-todo participants of the Satsang from Lucknow had brought along with them used and new clothes and other useful items to be distributed among the poor children and their parents. This second Dharma Rajya Satsnag constituted in a way the successful completion of the first Phase of TSM (UP). 6 Phase – 2 (From 8th Oct 2016 to 3rd July 2017) On 5th Oct 2016, Wednesday, I moved back to ‘DRV Bhavan’ from Kabir Bharathi Ashram after completing the ‘Ashram Nishta’.

 We will now have to initiate prayerfully the Phase-2 of TSM (UP) and the Lucknow Pilot Project. This second phase will cover the period from 8th Oct 2016 till 3rd July 2017. (My promised stay in UP will come to an end on 3rd July 2017). Our focus during this second Phase will be on developing DBNI as an effective instrument of God to provide a strong educational support to TSM and on establishing a ‘Tyagarchana Shanti Ashram’ at Lucknow to serve as the National Coordinating Center for TSM. A spacious plot of land with an old building and a huge and beautiful Neem tree covering almost the whole area is made available by Sdk. Satyaprakash Bharath (Dr. SK Singh), my first disciple from Lucknow, for establishing the Tyagarchana Shanti Ashram near the Scorpio Club in Lucknow.

The Phase-2 will commence with a Sarva Dharma Satsang on 8th Oct 2016 in the basement hall of the house of Smt. Kusum Varma in Vineet Khand-6. I will reside in and operate from the DBNI office at ‘Dharma Kshetra’ in Vineet Kand-6 from 8th Oct 2016 till the Tyagarchana Shanti Ashram near the Scorpio Club is made ready for us to start staying and working from there. God willing, I hope to move into this Ashram on 25th Nov 2016, the 15th anniversary of my Sanyasa Diksha and my 70th birthday.

 Please keep me and the Tyagarchana Shanti Ashram in your prayers. May Prabhu Parameshwar bless us and our efforts and make us His effective instruments for a culture of peace and sustainable development on earth.

Yours affectionately in His love,

Swami Sachidananda Bharathi.

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