Letter to the Editor – Let the blind learn from bitter experience! Closing down of Worship shops!



Varghese Pamplanil


Congratulations dear James in locating  the nails to bury the dead and rotting Zero-Malabar Church.


As the story goes, many persons had to jump on the coffin  containing the bloated, foul sulphur fume emitting corpse of  the notorious womaniser drunkard Borgia Pope Alexander VI to somehow to close it. The succeeding pope Julius  called the dead pope “that wretch” and refused  to stay in the room occupied by Borgia. The nails found by you James,  are long enough and strong enough to nail  even the coffin of a dead elephant.


My gate will be locked against my own  blood brother, if he comes to visit me, after attending  any church; I don’t want the fate of a  cleric who died of Coronavirus in Thiruvananthapuram.


The “sheep” would be restless until they eat the grass dispensed by the clerics who arrogate themselves as the “anointed”. Many worshippers seems to emulate the loud mouth Pharisee condemned ridiculed by the Great Galilean. The Christians of today symbolically eat the flesh and drink the blood of Mithras the Bull. Jesus, the Jew would not have even dreamed of telling his followers to eat his  live flesh and drink his fresh blood for salvation.


Rest assured, the clerics will not wet the parched lips of Jesus with even a drop of water. A thirsty Jesus was brilliantly played by Charlton Heston in Benhur. Has any one noticed the withering  look of Jesus with his burning eyes when a Roman soldier who tried to kick away the water serving ladle?


The Jesus in the Jerusalem Temple, driving out the money changers and sellers of birds and animals for  sacrifice with his whip is the need of the hour. The Sadducees of the Zero Church want to offer the burned alive body of the destitute and hungry “sheep”called derisively “almenikal”. Where is the whip carrying angry, poorly attired  Jesus?


Varghese Pamplanil

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