Varghese Pamplanil






What an inhuman, foul, horrible,despicable,beastly deed? Can any one, with even a shred of human feeling and sense of probity, condone and live with the horrendous thing done to a hapless Dalit woman: multiple gang rape, wanton  mutilation of her body undergoing excruciating pain, her whole being benumbed by extreme, dragged with a rope tied around her bruised neck all the way to the spot of butchery by brutes not fit enough to be called humans, and murdered with unimaginable cruelty? The dastardly deed was compounded by burning — might have been a living body — in the dead of night by the so-called guardians of law. Her grief stricken, distraught mother was callously denied of even the sight of whatever was left of the victim’s  body. Which society we happen to be unfortunate to live, my countrymen? Why the heartless dregs of inhuman perpetrators of the crime against humanity,  including those who colluded with this utterly criminal deed, are allowed to live with impunity: instead of being beaten to pulp, mauled around in heavy chains with ropes around their accursed necks, administering merciless thrashing till the last of their flesh are ripped off, and then hanging them with a long rope suspended from a tall beam till their foul breaths  cease; in the meantime pelting them with  barrages of heavy rocks, and cursing them loudly for all the world to hear; till their miserable bodies turn to ashes?  Only such a  punishment may deter similar devils!


What is her crime? Being born into the oppressed, socially shunned marginalised  class as non-entities, deprived, shunned and forced to carry the foul smelling and reeking SHIT of the so called upperclass on their bare heads? These people who are just you and me are denied of passage of public paths, not allowed to draw life-giving drinking water from well dug with public funds (including GST paid by these unfortunates). But the sexual organs of the women of this class are sought for ravishment : they not untouchable for sex! In which age are we all living my fellowmen?


The festering cancer of hatred and dehumanisation has been eating the vitals of the social body of our land ever since  the usurpers called Indo-Aryans from Central Asian steppes overran the  land  nourished by the Ganges and  Yamuna riverine system.  They annexed it and misappropriated it. They overwhelmed our sacred earth —sometime around 2000 BCE to 1600 BCE. They as well as their henchmen have been subjecting the indigenous “bhoomiputhras” and ridiculing  them as “Vanaras”. The brave people among them who could resist the invaders were denounced as “Asuras”. Almost all of those fearless ones were wiped out totally by resorting to sly methods. One such enlightened ruler of yore “Maha Bali’ was cunningly vanquished by a “so called avatar of their god “Vishnu” disguised as “Vamana”: as his Aryan adversary was no match for Mahabali in a fair confrontation.


The fact is:  the indigenous people were  “animistic” in their beliefs and worship pattern. They have been  lumped together as Hindus to make them henchmen, cannon fodder or “chaverukal” for riots, wanton violence and heartless slaughter and mayhem of minorities, especially Muslims, as had happened in Gujarat in 2002. Once the nefarious deeds are executed they are forced to wallow in their hitherto miserable existence at the rock bottom of the Indian society.


Human history is strewn with revolutions and turmoils when things degenerate to unbearable abnormal, abysmal level. Our land cannot be an exception. Let us dread the “Day of Reckoning.” Let not ourselves and our children face the grim realities and  made accountable  by forfeiture of our lives?




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