Vote out all corrupt, Vote in honest ALONE! Kerala Votes, April 6th All should:yes, no or NOTAta

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Whom should you vote in? No political parties: all corrupt to core, so ‘NOTA’ to them! Vote in your rarest of rare, honest candidates in any party! That is democracy! That ALONE IS DEMOCRATIC ELECTION!


Whom you should vote out? BJP and Left: rated communal or exteme to core are to be avoided! So too, above 75 brain-dead! Go for smart youngsters with vision, conviction and action like Sashi Tharoor, T.Sudakaran, Lathika Subhash, all eye-sore to time servers and what is in it for me!


Male Domination!

Another curse to be fought in Kerala is: GENDER INEQUALITY, or male domination in politics, the unwritten ban that women should open their mouth only in the kitchen, not in public; patriarchal mindset in marginalizing women from political and leadership roles at the state/national levels…. Lathika Subhash, President of the Kerala Mahila Congress, the women’s wing of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, resigned and publicly tonsured her head on March 14, for which she was removed from Congress Party membership!


KR Gowri started it!

In politics/democracy we can judge only those who speak up/out! Kerala has a sex ratio of 1,121 women per 1,000 men. Kerala legislative assembly in its 64-year political history…. “the highly patriarchal Kerala society”… posters in 1987 featured the slogan,“Keram Thingum Kerala Naatil KR Gowri Bharikkatte”…“Political parties in Kerala cannot accept women who defy the patriarchal norms.” It is not allowed to happen in Kerala even today! Where then is majority rule, democracy? Crazy, isn’t it?


With two women ministers, the current LDF government headed by Pinaryi Vijayan holds the record for the maximum number of women in the Kerala cabinet, Arya Rajendran, the mayor of Thiruvananthapuram, and Reshma Mariam Roy, the gram panchayat president of Aruvappulam, both aged 21. Other parties are worse off, so NOTA to them all!


Kerala a MAD HOUSE even today!

There is no DANCE of democracy, only its brutal murder in Kerala or India. In the place of women those prompted are brain-dead, over used Oldies like Oomman Chandi or over 80 Metro-man! Where is Kerala heading? Are the young Kerala voters going to be FOOLED? Vivekananda’s old definition of KERALA  as a MAD HOUSE, going to be true even today?


Think of Jesus the JEW type!

Rise up YOUNG VOTERS and stray thinking ADULTS, vote out in POLITICS and RELIGION all OLDIES who have lost out their ‘GET-UP-AND-GO’ and vote in youngsters in their 30s (Jesus the Jew started out at 30, with his ‘GET-UP-&-GO’ in full swing, for those who wish to follow him), to usher in KERALA & INDIA into the 21st Century! April 6th  is your day to show-case your PERFORMANCE!


There is much much more to write! But “Intelligenti Pauca!”(Few words, enough for intelligent!) Act like the SON OF MAN  among ‘Fratelli Tutti’ who will go to death to vindicate the TRUTH of his conviction! Ressurection or LIFE ETERNAL is only for them! HAPPY EASTER! 

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  1. George Nedumparambil says:

    Kerala must try out a third option for better or worse. The UDF and LDF have been taking turns to rule the State.  These parties have taken it for granted that power will come back to them come next election if they had lost an election.  The only viable third option is BJP.  With Centre in the hands of BJP it would serve the interest of the State if BJP is elected this time over.  Once the third option becomes available both UDF and LDF will have no choice but stop taking the voters granted and rule honestly.  

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