Isaac Gomes(Note: Catholic Church Reform International (CCRI) is a global network of committed Catholic organizations and individuals seeking a deeply-rooted reform of the Roman Catholic Church through a united voice and collaborative action. 

To work in collaboration toward this renewal of the Church, CCRI has prepared a Questionnaire on India to get a feedback from the Laity on the functioning of the Catholic Church in India.  The purpose is to learn if there is an interest in holding a People’s Synod/Forum in India.  So the interest of the Laity of India will be evident if a large number fill up this On-line Questionnaire to make the Vatican understand that the Indian Laity is alive and kicking – Isaac Gomes).

Readers are requested that after taking the survey, they can pass it on to all their connections in India.  

The questionnaire is on-line (the link to the survey for India is: link) and is as follows:


1. Are you pleased with the way the Catholic Church is functioning in India today?

  • Extremely dissatisfied: Our Church is in great need of reform.
  •  Satisfied: The Church isn't perfect but its present functioning is acceptable to me as it is.
  •  Extremely satisfied: I feel spiritually nourished by the Church's current functioning. I see nothing that needs to be seriously changed.

2. If you have any dissatisfaction, please list them below.

  • Primary unhappiness with the Church:
  • 2nd concern:
  • 3rd concern:
  • 4th concern:
  • 5th concern:

3. Do you agree with the reforms advocated by Vatican II for the Catholic Church with regard to the following:

There are multiple questions.  You have to choose Agree, Disagree or No opinion.

  • New perspectives on the Church's mission
  • Changes in the liturgy
  • The Church in the Modern World
  • Role of the laity Relations of the Catholic Church with other Christians and faiths
  • Status of women


4. Are Small Christian Communities (SCCs) functioning in your Parish or in your diocese?

  • Yes, SCCs are in my parish
  • Yes, SCCs are in my diocese
  • No, SCCs are not in my parish
  • No. SCCs are not in my diocese
  • I have no idea. I've not heard of them existing.

5. The Small Christian Community or SCC was instituted as a New Way of Being Church after Vatican II as it would ensure the participation of the Laity in the Mission of the Church in the neighbourhood, in the parish, and in the decision making bodies like Parish & Diocesan Pastoral Councils, Finance Committee, Liturgy committee, etc. If you have SCCs in your parish or diocese, do you feel that they are fulfilling these objectives?

6. If you feel something has to change in the Church, what would that be? List 3 most pressing reforms that you feel would help you live a better Christian life.

  • Most urgent reform needed:
  • 2nd most important reform needed:
  • 3rd most important reform needed:

7. Do you feel lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender persons (LGBT) need to be recognized and given greater pastoral attention?

  • Yes
  • No
  • No opinion


8. Would you be willing to participate in a National meeting or organize a regional meeting in your region to discuss the need for change in the Church?

• Yes, I'd be interested in attending a national convention

• Yes, I'd be interested in attending a regional/local gathering

• Yes, I'd be interested in helping organize a national convention

• Yes, I'd be interested in organizing a regional/local gathering

• No, I have no interest in attending a national convention

• No. I have no interest in attending a regional/local gathering



Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Your opinion matters and will help decide whether we will join a global movement to host a Forum of the People of God in our country.

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