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I don’t write for the likes of Dennis Daniel. As the Editor of CCV requests me, I write facts with the names, places and dates after a lot of research. I spend days and nights to prepare the material for CCV expecting nothing in return. Incidentally, I write for for those who have cognitive power. Freedom of expression is my fundamental right. If I err in facts, I am amenable for correction.


I send copies of my articles to my cousins Bishop Joseph Pamplany and his younger brother Augustine Pamplany, Director Religion and Science, Little Flower Seminary, Aluva who has commented: “Uncle, I read your CRITICAL articles and you are on the RIGHT SIDE”.  Because of Coronavirus, he is unable to come to my house. In my vocabulary I have words like s.o.b. which don’t like use against any body.


For the information of Denis Daniel, I am taking a break till cataract surgeries are done to both of my eyes. So his nightmares will stop only for a short period, say three months. After that, he is warned that I will come out with both the guns blazing as in the “Sudden” series of novels by Oliver Strange. I have enough bullets on hand. Dennis may choose to implore his God to terminate my life immediately. Sorry, the Gods are even fleeing from Covid- 19! What to do?


Good luck Dennis till the “The LastTango”


Varghese Pamplanil


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  1. Denis Daniel says:

    I am proud and grateful that such a great luminary has condescended to rebuke me. I don't wish him ill in the least. He may not write for me but I am compelled to read all what he writes in extra ordinary languaage and style. Only the filthiest of abuses hurled at Jesus, Mary, the saints, Popes and even the criminal priests and bishops become a wee bit too much for me. Yet I respect his freedom of expression.

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