An Oversexed Catholic Church?

dr.james kottoor
The heading has reference to the news item published hierafter: Vatileaks Scandals, encouraged, abetted or overlooked by the highly placed in their royal palaces or in their holy precincts.
Massage parlors where priests pay for sex, Flourishing Red light establishments, Europe’s biggest gay sauna the Vatican headquarters, are the latest leaks. That brings us to the conclusion that the whole church — Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Lay people — is fully involved in this sexy, financial scandal. So with good reason we can call ourselves a Church of (“Sancti Peccathori”) Holy Sinners. We heard it said first in the 2014 session of the Extraordinary Synod. Therefore imagine how correct was Pope Francis when he described himself at the very outset of his pontificate as “I am a sinner”.

You have to put a thief to catch a thief, it is said. By hook or crook, by accident or providential design, God has placed a humble, holy person as the servant of servants in his Church today. By calling himself a “Sinner” to start his mission Francis has taught the whole church one unforgettable lesson, namely: “No one born of man and woman has any right to point an accusing finger at any one of his brothers or sisters.” No wonder a person like Elton Johson described hism: “Miracle of humility in an era of vanity!”

Yet how is it that many of our so-called enlightened Synod Fathers have miserably failed to grasp this central message of the Lord telling the woman caught in adultery: “I too don’t condemn you. Go, sin no more”? What else did these Eminences and Excellencies proclaim to the whole world at the Synod just concluded, when they denied communion to the divorced (a betraying Judas and a denying Peter were at the last supper and they received communion from Jesus) and refused to extend a welcoming language, welcoming hand to gay people or to those who have different sexual orientation? Oh tempora! Oh mores! Oh the justice and morality of the so-called Holy People in the Catholic Church!
Commenting on denying a welcoming language to lesbians and gay people, some one commented: “It is like inviting some one to your house for a dinner party and telling him/her on arrival, please don’t eat anything from the laid out table.” Think gentlemen, think. You don’t have to be a Catholic, you have only to be a gentle man to know what you should tell your invited guests to your party.
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