Letter to the Editor – Nun rape case: Supreme Court dismisses Bishop Franco Mulakkal’s plea for quashing of charges

George Nedumparambil 




I refer to Isaac Gomes's post "Nun rape case: Supreme Court dismisses Bishop Franco Mulakkal's plea for quashing of charges." The ground for Franco's appeal was "false accusations" levelled against him by the nun.  Supreme Court said what amounted  to saying "not so fast". 


Prior to approaching the Supreme Court Franco had received a similar slap from Kerala's High Court. 


Many think that he should not have gone to the Supreme Court and instead should have faced trial in Kerala.  Well,  what he did was entirely in keeping with tradition handed down by his Lord and Master that if someone slaps on one cheek, offer the other cheep to him to slapped on.  Kerala High Court cannot slap him twice for the same offence.  He took his chance with the Supreme Court and place his other cheek at their disposal. And people are blaming him for being such a "noble Catholic Clergyman!"


Having thus been duly snapped at,  Franco will do well to submit  himself to face justice in Kerala.  Jesus has not said anything about offering the nose also to be bloodied after both the cheeks.  That will be the prerogative of the Court that hears his case. 


In the meantime, Franco can busy himself by studying the case history of Sr Abhaya's litigation which is a shining example on "how to delay Court proceeding and thwart the case from making headway".  If he succeeds in his efforts then he can continue to enjoy his reported craze for  Italian food and Scoth Whisky for dinner. 


As for Syro Malabar Sabha, it is up to its members to ensure that their money is not wasted on keeping Franco out of jail.


George Nedumparambil 

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