Church criticizes Kerala government on liquour policy

Kottayam – The Church of South India (CSI) deputy moderator Thomas K Oommen has severely criticized state government’s decision to make changes in its liquor policy.

The bishop on Friday slammed chief minister Oommen Chandy for sabotaging the liquor policy. This is a clear example of the unholy alliance of the government and they are cheating the people, he said.

The bishop added that the new liquor policy vouches the bar bribery allegation by the bar owners. Implementing total prohibition in the state by 2025 is only this government’s day-dream. Continuing his severe criticism, the Bishop added, “The Government is having an Akbari General and not an Advocate General.”

The CSI had taken a strong stand against the move by the state government to withdraw from its earlier announced liquor policy. The Church had taken initiative in conducting a protest march in Puthuppally, the assembly constituency of Oommen Chandy, reported

The silent prayer protest rally lead by Bishop Thomas K Oommen was held on December 7 urging the government not to withdraw from the liquor policy. However, the Bishops and priests from the Catholic Church had stayed away from participating in the rally.

Source: Matters India

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  1. K J GEORGE says:

    Liquor Contractors are mostly Christians and the Church, if it is serious against the govt. policy, must ask its faithful not to engage in liquor trade – manufacturing and supply/retail shop ownership etc. Drinking liquor is totally a private affair. Nobody is forcing the people to drink, they buy it with their own money. What the Church and others who keep shouting about government policy must keep counselling the faithful about the adverse results regular drinking can cause – money, health, respect in public etc.Continuous counselling is the only way.


    K J george

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