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Election in Soudi Arabia? First Dames Take Their Place

           The New Indian Express, Editorial,   15th December 2015 (Note: Comparisons are odious. Still we have to make them, to get connected with outside world and to judge where we stand and what we have to learn from other countries...

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"Man of THE MILLENNIUM"- America Honors an Indian.                         Our Govt. does not even know about him (I guess) I am ashamed that I was not aware of the existence of this noble...

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India must reaffirm its secular, plural credentials

Paris aftermath Vir Sanghvi, in Hindustan Times, Nov 24, 2015 (Note: Vir Sanghvi  is a very penetrating political analysts. He highlights some of the contradictions and assumptions in the on going discussion in the aftermath of Paris massacre. Unlike in...