Trinity, Trimurthi or Gods endless? DAMAGE THAT TRINITY DOCTRINE DID TO JESUS



George Nedumparambil


People throw stones at fruit-bearing trees only! Do they pelt stones at barren ones? It is reported that Jesus instead cursed the barren fig tree! I won’t do it, because I don’t see being barren is a fault to be punished.


As human beings we are endowed with the light of reason only, not faith which is each one’s imagination, not based on facts. Faith and reason can never meet. Hence many go to the extreme of saying Bible is a tissue of lies, not without a fraction of truth in it. Every religious book is on the same level, containing pearls of wisdom and stupidities.


My Surprise!

Yet what surprises me is how my friend George, a very rational thinker jumps on to the Bible, from the third para of his long treatises as the basis of all his arguments. If we start from false or unproven principles, only greater blunders will follow. 2 + 2 = 4. That is scientific. Proven! When it is certain no God ever wrote a Bible, what is the use of starting from the Bible?

As for Jesus himself, he was a total illiterate, never went even to a kindergarten, never wrote a line in any language, in spite of his showing himself an unforgettable genius according to available records. So George’s whole treatise, I am afraid is an exercise in futility, at least for me.



But I should say, based on a wrong premise, he has beautifully buit up 10 crimes. My congrats! As a child I too firmly believed in so many stupid stories elders told me to put me to sleep! Not any more running 86, still trying to learn from all. CHANGE alone after evolution may be the only permanent reality. Now all are talking about ENERGY uncreated and undestructible, they say is the ultimate reality, not fully convincing!

It could be something like the Advaita teaching: EKAM SAT BEHUDA VADANTI! That also I am unble to digest. So I am flowing with the current called CHANGE! Changing every day. Even an unchangeable Catholic church has accepted it in principle, only don’t practise it.


God exists, still Questioned!

If a God exists, if Jesus is God, if there are 3000 Gods or one God for each individual, good luck to all of them. Reason tells me that there must be an ultimate case, an uncaused CAUSE of things. The present definition of GOD doesn’t satisfy my questioning mind.

To me if such a being exists,  he/she/it ought to be, LOVE ETERNAL (Snehamanakila-sara-moozhiyil) LIGHT ETERNAL and TRUTH ETERNAL and a rational being, not an abstract idea, a superhuman person. And life itself ought to be unending, so waiting eagerly to pass through the portals of death, from my 60th year to see what lies beyond!


Hang together or separately?

It is impossible even to touch briefly all the questions raised by George, much less to answer them convincingly in one’s lifespan. So one has to continue the search, hoping against hope, to live in hope and die in despair.

There is no answer to that question. It has to be found when the crossing the bridge comes. That is no answer either! That is why I call myself a BIG KNOW-NOTHING! All of you can help to enlighten me. Please do help, I pray! james kottoor, editor ccv.


Please read below my friend

George’s marathon dissertation!



When Christians, to some extent non-Christians too, think of Jesus Christ, what are the images that come to mind of these people? Is He God and is He the prince of peace?  He is regarded as the epitome of peace.


He is the person who taught Christians to turn the other cheek if slapped on at one cheek.  He is the person who taught us to love our enemies.  He is the one who taught us to forgive others.  All the good qualities that humans are supposed of have, he is the model to look up to. 


But to an impartial reader of Christian Bible, he was human.  Then how did he end up being referred to as god? That is a long story.  I will not get into it. Briefly stated and quite obviously somebody was in a great hurry to promote him to godhead.


But there was a problem; there is only one God. Bible is quite categorical about it.  No one should worship another god (apparently the god of Jewish people knew that there were other gods! But that is another matter and I will leave it).  The name of the Jewish god that Christians adopted, courtesy Jesus Christ, is “I am”.  How to surmount this problem of converting “I” into “We” without infringing on the one god concept? Without this grave problem unresolved, it is a non-starter of an idea to think of elevating Jesus.    Reading between the lines someone came up with the brilliant idea of fitting three faces to “I am”.  Presto, born was the idea of “Trinity”.  Trinity is explained as “god is one god but three coeternal consubstantial persons”. Confused? The hard core subscribers to Trinity doctrine will retort back by saying that unless the Holy Spirit wills you can never understand the mystery behind it.


If someone were to ask “Is it like Ravana with ten heads but one body”?Christians will say “No, no, Trinity is not like Ravana and his ten heads.  Asked further,“Is it akin to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde” – the same person is a respected doctor during the day and a ruthless killer by night? Christians will answer, it is mystery that you cannot understand.  Whatever be the mystery behind it, the promotion of Jesus to godhead stood accomplished by the brilliant but unfathomable idea of Trinity consisting of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  They are three but one.  They are one but three. If any reader is still confused I am afraid that Holy Spirit passed over you and self and left us all idiots.

The proponents of the idea that Jesus was god seem to have completely ignored the fact that if Jesus and Father are one, then Jesus has to accept responsibility for certain actions that the Father did that are abhorrent and unacceptable to the standards that have been evolving ever since the renaissance movement to present generation and by individual thinkers even before.


Jesus in his Fatherly form, is whimsical, moody, brutal, unforgiving and many other types of cruelties rolled into one and more, so much so what Hitler did to human civilization pales in comparison to the atrocities committed by Jesus in the form of Father God.  The medieval Catholic Church,with its excesses and brutalities, seemed to represent an earthly version of heavenly Jesus in the Fatherly form. Medieval church had no qualms to send those who questioned its teachings to death at the drop of a hat.

Given below is a checklist of horrible things that Jesus in the form of Father did. The list is not exhaustive:


  • Let us begin with Adam and Eve.  In the paradise that God created for his new creations, he had also planted two trees that of knowledge and life with a command that the fruits of these trees must not be eaten. Now let us think for a moment the definition of god.  He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresentClearly, therefore, he knew that the creation will eat the fruits and he can use it as a ploy to absolve himself of the responsibility of providing and caring for happy-go-lucky earthlings’ sojourn in a paradise-like environment for ever. He had no qualm in throwing them out the moment fruit of knowledge was eaten and to be sure it happened as he had planned, he planted a snake to entice.


  •   Crime No.1:  Banishing his new creation with a curse  He could have as well created a fresh set of humans with working brains or just forgiven Adam and Eve, cut off the tree of life and retained the paradise to this date.  Jesus in his Father form is seen talking to someone, presumably himself in son’s form, where the speaker tells that these people will become like us.  That was the excuse for this loving god or Jesus in Father Form to destroy the paradise he created himself for humans. So, what we see is the vengeful face of Jesus in the form of Father.


  • Crime No.2. Jesus,  in the form of Father,  destroyed every humans on earth except a group of eight people led by Noah and a specimen each of all living things on earth.  He did this atrocity as he was irked that people were not following his laws.  But, what laws did the birds in the sky and animals on land not follow that he destroyed them too?  To an all-powerful god, was this the only way open to him to have corrected his people? It is an inexcusable cruelty and a crime of the worst order. Hello Hitler, you should be smiling in your graves.


  • Crime No.3. The story of Moses is filled with many instances of this loving god’s cruelty.  What was the need to allow so many Egyptians to die by causing the sea to come back upon them after Moses had escaped?  Aren’t they human too? Weren’t the Egyptians the ones who gave life to Joseph who was abandoned by Jacob’s other sons?   The benevolent and loving god could have simply stopped the Egyptians on their track by just waving his hand.  Why he didn’t do it?  Did he like to see death when he could use his powers to control his own emotions (not that god is expected to have emotions unless he was created by humans themselves) and let the Egyptians soldiers walk back?  After all they were poor people who chose to join the army to put bread on the table for the family and who were just following orders?  But merciful Jesus in the Father form will have none of it but be partial to one people and show the back to others.


  • Crime No.4. On a Sabbath day, a person went into the woods to collect firewood.  Now who would do such a thing on Sabbath day unless he is dirt poor.  This poor chap was unfortunately caught and brought before Moses to pronounce punishment.  Moses asks his Lord what to do with this person (those were the days when hot line with god existed but with a catch that only Moses could dial up). Quick came the clearance to put the firewood picker to death.  What a loving and forgiving version of Jesus as Father God? And we are expected to believe that we have a loving, merciful and forgiving god.


  • Crime No.5. The Canaanites were living peacefully in their land and god asked the remnant (it took 40 years what should have taken less than 10 days to reach the borders of Canaan, all due to the work of a wonderful god). During the time it took, most of the people who constituted the exodus crowd were dead and only a few remained) this loving god asked the remnant to go, attack and overtake them and their lands.  He promised that he would be with the remnant to help them win the battle. In the backdrop of the claim of this god to be the only god, one is tempted to ask: are these Canaanites not his children too?  If not, then there are other gods. Right?  Why this bloodshed, when this god of Moses, who later became god of Christians, could use his powers to take over the brains of Canaanites and lead them to the mountains peacefully and without bloodshed.  We have to conclude that this god loves blood.


  • Crime No.6. We see him repeat Noah in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah. He destroys the entire city but sparing just Lot and his two daughters.  Lot’s wife was also selected to be saved but she made a grievous error of looking back at the destruction which god had asked them not to.  What a forgiving god that we have in Jesus in the form of  Father God?  He looked the other way when Lot’s two daughters made their father get drunk (do not ask me from where did they get those wines from as they were fleeing and was not take their possessions) and the daughters sleep with him and impregnated themselves.  What moral lesson is this god giving us through this story?  Could not he have picked up two male partners for these girls from some other land?


  • Crime No.7.The Old Testament contains endless number of wars where god takes the side of Israel.  In a battle with Assyrians he sends his angels on a killing mission.  They killed 185,000 Assyrians while they were sleeping.  Yet another example of cruelty. If the Assyrians were so bad, couldn’t this only god work on their minds and change them?  Why all the bloodshed?


  • Crime No. 8. The ultimate cruelty is reserved for New Testament.  The narrative is that a loving Father loved his people so much that he sent his only son to be a sacrificial goat in atonement for the sins of many.  Hard-core Catholics cry over the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross and the pain he suffered.  Catholics touts this as an ultimate example of sacrifice and the love that their god has for Christians.  Well, 2000 years back when atonement for sins and many other intentions always meant sacrifice of an animal, sacrificing a human, that too the only son, may have sounded as something to be praised to eternity (never mind that both Father and Father in the form of son knew perfectly well that the son will be raised and taken back up and installed at the right side of the Jesus in Father Form). Sounds crazy, is it not that the one in the middle and on the right side are one and the same person?


  • Crime No. 9.  Father in the form of Jesus as baby god did the most unforgivable act to humanity.  He quietly escaped to Egypt with his parents.  While he was on way to Egypt, Herod’s soldiers were murdering left, right and centre all male children up to the age of two hoping that baby Jesus to be one of them.  An impartial reader will get filled with revulsion that a god could be so unmindful of tragedy befalling on thousands of mothers (the wailing of mothers’ cries were heard throughout the land) when he had the powers to intervene. Christian apologists will say that Jesus became god only after his baptism at the hands of John the Baptist when Holy Spirit in the form of a dove came and rested on him.  It doesn’t bother the apologists a bit that godhood was granted by the Father and  the whole idea of Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one and the same person collapses then and there.


  • Crime No.10. To the best of my knowledge and belief the Old Testament does not speak of hell or the idea of dead peoples souls migrating to heaven or hell.  Hell appears to be a creation of Father in Jesus form when he spoke of what would happen to bad people.   Accordingly the worst is yet to come.  Jesus, during his earthly sojourn, promised that he would come back but he didn’t know when but only Father knew it (read Jesus in Father Form knew).  Was Father God in Jesus' form was telling a lie?  It would seem so if Father and Son is one and the same person.  One would imagine that the Father in Jesus form comes back; he comes quietly and in peace to install Kingdom of God on earth.  Not so fast.  


With him comes a series of brutality, the kind that is never experienced by humans, including falling of stars on earth. Modern science tells us that our star the son is one of the smallest stars in universe so far discovered. Miraculously half the earth and a remnant of people then living will remain.When the dust settles, those dead will rise up from their graves and will face judgment along with those living. All those found sinners will be thrown into hell and the righteous will share the kingdom with him. One wonders, why all these destructions.  Could he just cause the judgement day come without causing severe turbulence and destruction.  Destruction and mayhem seem to be the hallmark of this god. So much for Jesus in the form of Father being the prince of peace.


When it comes to faith people are blinded.  Their minds get frozen, blocking all thinking process.  But if they thought for a moment, they would throw out the atonement theology of Father sending his only son to be a sacrificial goat and would never seek to highlight it in practical Christianity.


Yet Catholics the world over recreate the events during the days known as Holy Week as if other weeks are unholy.  The all-knowing – past, present and future – god clearly failed miserably to anticipate that the humans live in a dynamic world and along with changes in many things, their concepts about ‘values’ also changes.  In today’s world, a father sending his son – only son or otherwise – for the purpose of becoming a sacrificial goat commits a crime.  The father will be charged with child abuse and murder.


Having been brought up in the tradition of their brutal god, there is no element of surprise that the medieval Church was ruthless in dealing with anyone who did not agree with their teachings.  Readers are now familiar with a name Giordano Bruno (my friend Varghese Pamplanil referred briefly about this great person in his recent article in Here is a list of beliefs held by this monk.


He disagreed with all core Catholic beliefs such as eternal damnation, the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, the veneration of Virgin Mary and her virginity itself and transubstantiation. He did not believe in dead persons ending up in heaven or hell He believed in transmigration of soul and reincarnation (similar to the beliefs of Hindus).  He was ahead of his times as far as his scientific knowledge was concerned. But in the end, he was arrested on the orders of then pope, underwent a mock trial and got killed by suffering slow and painful death of being burned at the stake. 


Today’s Christians are living in denial.  When someone points out to them the atrocities of god that are present throughout the length and breadth of testaments, their stock reply is that our god is Jesus and Old Testament is not applicable to us.  


To Catholics taking to this line of argument, I will have to tell them that their god, Jesus in the form of Father, did all those atrocities!  Disagree?  If then how about Father, Son and Holy Spirit being one, the same person?  They are not different persons but the same person!


Guys I did not invent Trinity.  You did it and believe in it. So be ready to call the Prince of Peace by some other name or abandon your belief in the Holy Trinity altogether as Giordano Bruno did and paid with his life. Luckily I happen to live in different times. Thanks to modern times, Christianity was forced to re-launch itself as a religion of peace and as such no one come to kill me.

(George Nedumparambil

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