Training of Trainers for School for Peace – by The Non-Violence Project Foundation, India and Consumer Coordination Council

Thomas John Palekkudy, Director of The Non-Violence Project Foundation-India, a registered public charitable trust, is a great friend of mine. We met in February 2019 at the National Consultation programme of lay leaders at Proggaloy Barasat (near Kolkata).  Thomas is a multi-talented person, always bursting with energy  and an aficionado of adventure sports.  He wrote to me the following letter which I find quite interesting and has immense potential to bring about peace from the grassroots / school level. Here is an opportunity for our readers to join hands with Thomas and his team in their great initiative to promote peace, especially in view of the Lent season.  Isaac Gomes, Asso. Editor, Church Citizens' Voice.  



Dear brother Isaac,



Greetings from Kerala.

We, Nonviolence Project Foundation India (NVPI) and Consumer Coordination Council (CCC), are jointly organizing a Training of Trainers (ToT) Program for prospective trainers who volunteer to join us in the initiative "School for Peace" educational program in Indian schools. It would great of you, if this could be published in your publications, so that we get some volunteers. We are looking for 600 volunteers across the country and this is the first training to be followed by at least 15 more training workshops. 



Here is a never before opportunity for you.

Engage with children.

Through them create peaceful communities around you.  Partner with the leaders in peace education – The Nonviolence Project Foundation.

Partner also with the national level apex body of all consumer organisations in India – Consumer Coordination Council of India (CCC).

Empower youngsters in…
• Self-esteem and self-confidence
• the art of mastering managing conflict in real life
• enhancing emotional intelligence
• living IN peace and nonviolence.

NVPI and CCC have a nationwide mission of making children excellent conflict managers.

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The children also will have opportunities
• to become smart citizens imparted wit
h the knowledge of the Indian Constitution
• be alert & assertive consumers knowing their duties and rights
• be able to look at their lifestyles and
• become leading ambassadors of Indian heritage.



1. NVPI and CCC together announce the ‘School for Peace’ program. This is for children in the age group between 11 and 18.

2. Master trainers of NVPI will be your teachers/trainers/volunteers.

3. With the training you become part of a national network of Peace Educators – Creators of Peace Communities.

4. You become eligible for life long support and update.

5. We support you to become ‘Peace Builders’ and community leaders. You receive peace tools and methodologies from across the world. Your own peace and consumer activities become visible across the world.

6. Our ultimate goal is peace everywhere. ‘Peaceful Communities’ achieved through ‘Peaceful Children”, ‘Peaceful Parents’, ‘Peaceful Families’.



Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees five thousand only) – to be made at the time of reporting at venue.

This includes …
• Board
• Lodging
• Training Tools, Manuals & Certificate
• Lifelong support as a peace trainer and leader
• Sight Seeing Trip (all inclusive)



1) Are you a Graduate?

2) Are you skilled to conduct classes for school children?
[You may be required to conduct 250 periods during a school year, in multiple schools in the same region, may be up to 4 periods per day. You will face children ranging from Class V to Class XII].

3) Do you have an unblemished, non-controversial character?

4) You do not consume alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

5) Have you any contact with Teachers/Principals of schools in your village/town/ city or nearby locations?

6) Are you good in interpersonal relations and communication, especially in the context of school children and parents?

7) Do you agree to conduct classes in schools, often in more than one school? Your Principal and NVPI Project Director will guide you on this.

8) NVPI may in rare cases withdraw the certificate and recognition of a trainee or trainer. This will happen in case of violations of the NVPI spirit in any way.



a) Please express your intention to attend three days ToT Workshop to any of the following WhatsApp mobile numbers to receive the Link of Google Form to sign up for the event.
+91 9072119598, +91 8668910057, +91 9446988866

b) Please use the Email ID :
for all communications regarding this program.

d) Those who are not conversant with internet and Google Forms, may submit their application forms in hard copy.

For details and clarifications, please contact:

MV Mathew (Ashoka Fellow)
Director (Public Relations & Finance)
Non-Violence Project Foundation-India
+91 9446988866

Thomas John Palekkudy
Director (Training)/Coordination
Non-Violation Project Foundation-India
+91 9072119598, +91 8668910057

Augustine Veliath
Non-Violence Project Foundation-India
+91 8826680070  

With regards, in Peace…



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