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Dr Suresh Mathew

I personally do not know Fr (Dr) Suresh, but his steady style of hitting the target sharp, is something which pulls any reader towards him. He touches almost all time-relevant topics through his periodical reviews in Indian Currents. Most of his bright articles have been brought to CCV readers, through CCV pages. Here, Dr Suresh clearly draws the skectch of right wing fanaticism and extremism hovering over the nation. In the near future Godse could be another deity in Indian temples. Are Hindus 3a877bb96041ccf224fd782f3ba07404_400x400against Indians and India? Quite recently, it is a retired High Courrt Justice who mentioned in an international conference that 95 % of the beef traders in India are Hindus. Then why a poor man was lynched at Dadri? Either the world knows or not, there are villages in many Northern states to which people from minority communities are not permitted to enter. When shall have we have a Union Government which dares to address similar issues without fear? – Joseph Mattappally asso. editor

The limit of fanaticism is sky which has no limit. India is witnessing this limitless expression of radicalism and extremism in wanton killings and provocative activities. After the National Democratic Alliance government came to power, right wing extremists have gained strength and power which is manifested in many bizarre ways. Their fight for a Hindutva Rashtra has now touched the nadir with a fringe group known as Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha trying to bestow halo of reverence on Nathuram Godse, the assassin of none else but the Father of the Nation. As a prelude, they have launched a website devoted to him; they have declared November 15, the day Godse was hanged, as Balidan Diwas. A few months back the organisation had announced its intention to build a temple dedicated to him and hailed him as the ‘real forgotten hero’ of the independence struggle.  Their perverted intention was made clearer when they sought land in the national Capital from the Central government to erect a Godse statue.  What comes out glaringly in these developments is the disturbing silence of the government. Discerning minds will be forced to see ominous signs of collusion between the rulers and the fanatic elements. Any attempt to ignore them as fringe elements of no consequence will not cut ice with people who are worried about the secular future of the country. No nation can tolerate any bid to adore the assassin of the Father of the Nation. It is equally a challenge to the judiciary that sent the guilty to the gallows after convicting him of the most heinous crime.

Several decades after his death, the world still hails Mahatma Gandhi; world leaders invoke his name and try to internalise his twin doctrines of ‘ahimsa’ and ‘satyagraha’. Unfortunately, six decades after hanging Godse for the most heinous crime, the attempt of Hindutva elements to make him a cult figure is an indefensible act of treachery.  An equally alarming development is a senior RSS leader’s allegation that Maoists’ are not attacking Christians because the latter are supporters of the former. Here is an organisation which claims to be a responsible nationalist body making the most reckless statement with no basis. The RSS is worried that Christians are not getting killed by the Naxalites. It is also surprised that Churches are not attacked by Maoists. There cannot be a more weird statement than this. If there is an iota of evidence with the government to prove that Christians are supporting Maoists in their ruthless activities of killings and kidnappings, the Administration would have acted on it. The Sangh Parivar leaders should not be allowed to make wild allegations and go scot-free merely because there is a government that is apparently all ears to their dictates.  In the NDA regime, Hindutva elements are gaining strength. Even Ministers and Members of Parliament are making provocative and seditious statements with impunity. The deadening silence of the government acts as an incentive for them. It is time for saner voices in the government and the main ruling party to take control of the situation before it is too late. 

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