Rear Mirror Driving? ‘Dictator’ Narendra Modi  is more Cruel than Aurangzeb: Congress

Special correspondent, In the Hindu,  New Delhi, June 26, 2018

Blaming Indira Gandhi will not revive economy, Congress says responding to the Prime Minister’s stinging attack on the party and its first family.  

Note: Rear-mirror driving is both a necessity and dangerous. It allows one to see what harmful things are coming from behind. But by concentrating on them for too long, one loses sight of the way ahead and may drive the car out of the road. 

Similarly wasting the present time discussing past failures of emergency can only prevent us from doing what ought to be done to improve the calamitous situation the country is in. India lived under emergency for 21 months only, but it has now completed 49 months under Modi rule. 

Raises Alarm bells  

Discussing these things the Edit page of Asian age raises Alarm bells and writes: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said when he took charge as Prime Minister in 2014 that he would be the country’s chowkidar (watchman or gatekeeper). He now needs to explain the daylight loot of the people’s money. He also has to explain how under his watch there has been a 50 per cent (or Rs 7,000-crore) increase in deposits by Indians in Swiss banks in 2017. He had promised to get all the money that fled abroad and put Rs 15 lakhs into each person’s bank account.”

Besides, the Rupee is plunging 69 to Dollar, Oil prices is rising and Trump is pressing India not to buy crude from Iran the third largest supplier which allows payment in Rupees. On the part of US this smacks of a savage form of colonialism  — all of which cause unaffordable price rise for the common man. politicians – both on the ruling and opposition front  — should not waste time discussing Energency of 43 years ago which is to be forgotten for good. Let them all live in the present and make hey when the sun shines. james kottoor, editor ccv.

Please  read below the report in the Hindu: 

The Congress equated Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, saying he is far more cruel and has “enslaved democracy” for the past 49 months.

Countering Mr. Modi’s attack on the party on the 43rd anniversary of the Emergency, Congress media in-charge Randeep Surjewala said that while the BJP was talking about the 21-month Emergency imposed 43 years ago, it had forgotten that “we are living under undeclared emergency for the past 49 months.” 

‘Emergency talk to divert attention’

The Congress said the BJP was harping on the Emergency to divert attention from all its failed promises over the past 49 months. “Will talking about the Emergency get farmers the right price for their crops, or bridge the communal divide, or reduce crimes against women, or end atrocities against Dalits? Can blaming Indira Gandhi alone help in correcting the course of our economy,” asked Mr. Surjewala. 

Responding to the Prime Minister’s stinging attack on the party and its first family, Mr. Surjewala said, “Delhi Sultanate’s ‘dictator’ Modi, who is crueller than Aurangzeb, today gave lessons to the country on the Emergency. By taking out his anger on the Congress, can a lid be put on Modiji’s jumlas?” 

Through his 2014 election campaign, Mr. Modi had referred to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as Shehzada (crown prince) and the UPA government under Dr. Manmohan Singh as Delhi Sultanate. “Aurangzeb never took lessons from anybody… Dictators don’t take lessons, only history teaches them lessons and I am sure Modiji will also have the same fate,” Mr Surjewala said. 

Mr Surjewala said all the name-calling by the BJP is an indication that things are looking up for Congress. “Let me quote Mahatma Gandhi — till about a year ago, Modiji used to mock the Congress. Now he is attacking the Congress. Mahatma Gandhi used to say — first they will mock you, then they will attack you and then they will be defeated by you. So, Modiji is already in second phase which is ending and in 2019, democracy and people of India along with the Congress Party will win when he will be decimated,” he said.

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