Passing  away of Jose Padannamakkal, a great  Soul! VERY, VERY SAD NEWS!

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VERY, VERY SAD NEWS! My heart bleeds at the sudden death of my First Friend, my Best Friend, my Great Friend, my Good Friend, MY GOOD SAMARITON FRIEND, JOSEPH MATHEW Padanamakal 78, in New York! 

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Jose, James & Chackochan 

Another friend Koovallore had informed me that he had been taken ill in the midst of the raging virus Corona. I was hoping aginst hope and praying that he recovers fast. 

Well-known Writer!

He has been a well known writer, admired and appreciated by thousands in US. Working in the New York library for over 40 years he has been a well informed and well appreciated writer, a walking library indeed, never hesitating to tell even the ugly, hurting truth with a smiling face!

He was at the August 10th meeting in Chicago last year and had an unforgettable photo taken, sitting he from NY on my right and Chackochan Kalarickal, President from Detroit on the left, and I in between, all three in affectionate embrace, which tells more than any number of words!

May his soul sit in similar embrace of Love eternal, Light eternal and Truth eternal. I share my deepest sorrow with his family members and all his friends in US. My son Dr. James Santhosh had a chance to visit his home and enjoy his affectionate hospitality last year  while in US to write an exam. May the fragrance of his writings abide with us always! 

Smiling Frankly speaking Jose always!

The first time I met him, but only briefly, was a few years ago when Koovallore and Moideen, editor of Daily News, NY met at another meeting at Koovallore place in New York, to discuss the topic:  “Indian Americans in US!” 

We,  Jose and myself, had hoped and planned for a relaxed full one day meeting either at his home in NY or at mine in Kerala to share a lot and learn much from him. Man proposes and God disposes, as the saying goes. That is life, we like it or not. 

Take a Q from Jose!

If there is a place like heaven, it is surely for persons like Jose and may he, being in his heavenly abode, enlighten and guide ‘know-nothings’ like myself to write something at least about Light real & eternal,  Love real & eternal and Truth real & eternal, to help me continue his unfinished Good Samariton work, he was fully immersed in, but left unfinished. 

May his spirit help all of us caught in the present encircling gloom and doom-corona to wipe out all divisive thinking and promote fellowships, brotherhood, unity and peace through his Good Samaritan work specially to the needy, wounded and abandoned on the wayside around the world!

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  1. George Nedumparambil says:

    RIP Jose.  May his family be blessed with peace.

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