Varghese v/s Chhotebhai on Bible and Christianity – Questions galore!

All try your Mighty Bit! – George Nedumparambil

A brief note of introduction, since George has addressed his letter to the editor. He has raised ever so many mind-boggling questions, which the so-called teachers and doctors of the Catholic church alone should answer, but have not answered to this day as far as I know.

That is why I call myself a “Know-nothing” still striving to learn from all and sundry, even now at the fag end of my life, running 86. Will I find answers in this life? Nope! That is why I wrote more than once, my present urge still is to go on searching beyond the portals of death, and come back to tell you all what you firmly believe in.

What are they? Too many: God (Father, son, spirit), Virgin Mary, Army of angels & saints, Heaven, hell, purgatory  too numerous to list! Only very few things I could resolve using my little light called ‘Reason and Logic’. The only thing I find CONSTANT is CHANGE and change alone! 

Newman’s vision of Change!

It is based on the rational principle of Cardinal Newman: “It may be different in a higher world, but here below, to live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed most often!" Even that my mind questions saying, we will never become perfect in this world! Because for me more convincing is Michael Angelo saying: “Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle!”

Leave Chhottebhai to answer!

I perfectly agree with George saying, it is for Chhottebhai to counter where Varghese objects to his writings, it is no one else’s business!

I stop with mentioning one issue I am seriously researching, to get the discussion started: “The biological father of my Lord Jesus, based on 3 gospel texts (Mt. & Mark) since you can’t jump on a horse and gallop in all direftions, 9 of them, suggested by George. They are and more:  

Mary had five boys and two girls (Mt.13.55): “This is the carpenter’s son, surely? Is not his mother the woman called Mary, and his brothers James and Joseph and Simon and Jude? His sisters too, are they not all here with us? So where did the man get it all?” According to Mark 6:3 also Jesus had four brothers (and two sisters): "Is he not the carpenter, the son of Mary, and the brother of James and Joseph and Jude and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us?" 

(Mt.12.46-50): “He was still speaking to the crowds when his mother and his brothers appeared; they were standing outside and anxious to have a word with him. But to the man who told him Jesus replied, ‘Who is my mother? Who are my brothers? And stretching out his hand towards his disciples he said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers. Anyone who does the will of my Father  in heaven, he is my brother and sister and mother”

No names of girls in Gospels!

Gospels don’t  give the names of girls, Varghese’ research says, they are Mary and Salome! Are they? I have read sources other than Prof. James D. Tabor, biblical archaeologist who did years of  research to come up Jesus’ siblings and biological father different from Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera, a Roman soldier 

This  much, is just to start the discussion at least on one item for you readers! If I continue writing on each question, I will have to end up writing books. So you CCV readers start and  continue pestering both Varghese and George with your questions please. james kottoor editor ccv.

I will leave chhotebhai out in my letter as it is his prerogative to respond back or not to Varghese.

I am dumbfounded at Varghese's analysis giving a historical perspective on Christian faith.  He has to be feared not by simpletons like this lowly self but by the those who hold exclusive wholesale rights to Christianity, mainly the Catholic Church. I don't have to fear him as my own beliefs and faith already stand at cross roads. I just need to walk  out of whatever is left remaining unerased in my brain following the brainwashing that every Catholic has had to suffer from childhood.  

What do I call Varghese's analysis  if I may have to give a name to his thesis.  I will call it "Demolition Theology". 

Frankly,  I didn't know that Holy Spirit is female. I always thought that it is the Spirit of  Father that is God the Father.  I also thought that as Adam was created in "Our Image"  meaning God and his retinue's image. And since Adam had genitals, the purpose of which he apparently didn't know, until he gained insight or knowledge following the eating  of the apple, I thought god was male. 

It is in the birth story of Jesus that Varghese's axe does the maximum damage. If what he says is true, then Catholics have been lied to for 2000 years.  If so, it could perhaps qualify as the biggest lie that anybody has ever told.  Entire Catholic Church is standing on the shoulders of Mary and here comes the axe. If Varghese is correct in his research and conclusions then Catholic Church and everything that it teaches are nothing  but fraud. By studying the Bible and without help from any extraneous source I was able to conclude Jesus could not have been God.  Varghese's analysis relies on sources that I never knew existed. Catholic Church need to take note of what he says. 

In my opinion, we need the church. That is our identity. But the narrative on core beliefs requires to be put through a fine tooth comb. Let me take the opportunity to suggest few things that the church may consider proclaiming:-

1. There is only one God. That god is of entire humanity regardless of religion. 

2. There is no Trinity. 

3. Jesus was only a man whom god chose to become a prophet. 

4. Jesus' biological father's identity is unknown. 

5. Mother Mary lost her virginity the way all female looses it. She had remarried and had other children. 

6. All prayers are to be submitted to Father and not to Jesus.  

7. Consider Jesus as an intercessor only for Christians 

8. Abandon devotion to Mary and saints. If what is written in Bible is true,  then Mary is in her grave waiting for resurrection. 

9. Abandon Transsubstantion and teach that holy communion  is a meal memorial service in honour of Jesus recalling the Last Supper. 

The above are fundamental changes but there are many things like married priest,  female priests etc. 

Will Catholic Church change?  I hope that they do.

George Nedumparambil

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