Love Like Francis,


 The Message

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Over 40 “action phrases,” the inspirational messages of Pope Francis, have been compiled by the #LoveLikeFrancis team from the Holy Father’s tweets, public remarks, and writings.  These messages have the power to warm hearts, change lives, and save souls.

By wearing #LoveLikeFrancis t-shirts, posting #LoveLikeFrancis posters, and handing out #LoveLikeFrancis message cards, you actively participate in spreading Pope Francis’ message, the message of the Gospel.

The Mission

 “I dream of …. a missionary impulse capable of transforming everything.”

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Pope FrancisThe Joy of the Gospel

Every order through #LoveLikeFrancis goes to support Pope Francis’ personal charity fund, Peter’s Pence.

Through Peter’s Pence, Pope Francis is able to provide millions of dollars of emergency assistance to those in need because of natural disaster, war, oppression, and disease. Our goal is to raise $1 million dollars for Pope Francis’ humanitarian works. To learn more about Peter’s Pence click here.

Our goal is for #LoveLikeFrancis shirts to be used as a uniform for mission work. When you go out onto the streets, wear your #LoveLikeFrancis shirt as a uniform. Choose the message you want to live out or spread, and then wear that message! Basically, the more you wear, the more you give, the more we give, the more the message spreads!

Spread the Word

If you have decided to participate in #LoveLikeFrancis, we want to say thank you!

There is one more super important thing we need you to do and the movement wouldn’t be complete without it.

We need YOU to make sure the word gets out to everyone else out there about the #LoveLikeFrancis movement.

We want this thing to go viral! -> #LoveLikeFrancis

We want Pope Francis’ personal charity to be flooded with millions of dollars from people just like you! We want millions of people from all sorts of walks of life to be healed, transformed, changed, and inspired. And most importantly we want to make sure the message of #LoveLikeFrancis doesn’t just stay in your house.

So tell your family, friends, parishioners, and religious about LLF and how to get involved. And while you are at it, share with others your excitement about being involved with LLF.

Use the social handle #LoveLikeFrancis to talk about it on all your social accounts, or simply click on one of the social icons below to start sharing!

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