Letter to the Editor 

Letter to the Editor 

This is reference to the observations of Dr. James Kottoor, Editor in Chief of CCV about the tape worms that wriggle through the blog. 

Dr. Kottoor is a trained journalist, also a Dr. in theology from Rome, studied sociology under Russian professors. So no upstart may dare to sell “coal at Newcastle”.

I have been privileged to be part of CCV as a contributor to it since July 2015. I owe to Dr. Kottoor, S/Shri Mattappally and Zac Nedumkanal in giving me opportunities as a columnist. All my articles are invariably sent to the Chief Editor Dr. Kottoor as decorum and decency demands.

The “tail wagging the head” is a ludicrous. For the information of Cedric Prakash, there are very good avenues for publication of articles  through Jesuit publications. Is he persona non-grata there?  Please spare us of his verbiage of no substance like his article titled “Catholic Church is NOT Apolitical” 

This writer is well aware of the sordid track record of the Jesuits right from the French Revolution days. 

Varghese Pamplanil

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