Garland of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for Alencherry and Bishops


The only thing that counts in USA is Dollars
It is to make a Harvest of
they make frequent trips
to US
In this procession
by your action you are
proclaiming to whole world:
"We are servants of the
Mammon of Inidquity!"
When will you stop your 
Pallikrishi and $ Koithu?
(Church cultivation for $ harvest?)
And to God fearing laity:
"Flee from these Prelates as from Mortal Sin"
("Fuge prelatum tamquam peccatum!")
Latin saying
James kottoorjames kottoor
Just look at Cardinal George Alencherry and bishops decorated with garlands of $$$$$$$$$$$ in US leading a procession.
The above photo was sent to me by my Knana friend in Chicago, Joe Mullappallil.

From: Joe Mullappallil
Date: 2016-10-20 6:10 GMT+05:30

To: James Kottoor


Hi Koottoorji

Look at the Money mala for cardinal and Bishops. Shame on them
We are meeting MR. Moolechalil this weekend in chicago.
Joe Mullappallil









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6 Responses

  1. almayasabdam says:

    Vincent Bagul wrote: 

    Dear All,

    Only time will teach them a lesson. The new generation has almost counted them out.

  2. almayasabdam says:

    Kirit Macvan wrote:

    But in that case, we have to flush out almost all bishops.

    Look!  Our Lord had no place to rest his head on. And descendants of his Apostles!!!
    You can worship either Lord God or money God.  
    But who will remind them of this???

  3. almayasabdam says:

     Swami Sachidananda Reacts  to Garland of $$$$ or  Rupees

    My dear Dr. James,

    Consumerism and materialism are cancerous growths eating into the soul of humanity today. The Church of Christ which is called to counter these cancerous maladies with the power of the Holy Spirit  is herself enslaved by them.

    The garlands of Dollars or Rupees worn by our Cardinal and Bishops show how deep this moral cancer has spread into the soul of the Church.I was deeply pained when I saw our Cardinal Alencherry wearing such a Garland. I thought he was a good follower of Pope Francis. I have been nurturing great appreciation for him. In fact, I had written a letter to him only last month appreciating some of his values and statements.

    A spiritual regeneration of the Church, beginning with the Syro-Malabar Church, the richest Church in the world, is the crying need of the hour.For this, we need dedicated and courageous disciples of Christ from that background. The Syro Malabar Church needs an Integral Revolution to spiritualise the religious, social, political and economic dimensions of its life. 'Disciples of Christ for Peace' is called by the Holy Spirit for this very purpose.

    I will be visiting our 'Dharma Bharathi Ashram' at Mulanthuruthy near Kochi during the last week of December. I wish to meet you and few other really interested persons from the Syro-Malbar Church in the Ashram during one of those days. 

    I will be grateful if you could serve as a Convener of this first meeting to plan out an Integral Revolution for the spiritual regeneration of the Syro Malabar Church. 
    The day can be any day between 23rd Dec 2016 to  02 Jan 2017 and time can be from 3PM to 6 PM. You are free to chose the day as it is convenient to you and let me know at your earliest. 

    George Moolechalil, Mathew Tharakunnel and Joseph Mattapally are to be included in the team. All four of you should also speak out your heart on this subject.We will thereafter work out a plan of action as to how to 

    proceed with this divine mission.

    Looking forward to your response and with much love

    Yours in Christ Jesus our Sadguru

    Swami Sachidananda Bharathi

  4. Pereira Augustine jos says:

    The zero Malabaris are sick with traditions without Christ and they just form a Minus percentage of The Catholic Church,and always display the puca Malabari culture of divide.

  5. almayasabdam says:

    This photograph is widely circulated among social media the world over, followed by very hitting comments. However, it is not clear if this parade happened in Delhi or Kerala or Chicago. Also it is nt clear that the bills are fake or original. In Delhi, currency garlands are a sign of respectful welcome according to some and Cardinal Alanchery might have been surrendering to their choices. However, unlike his predecessors, Mar Alanchery has no reservation in receiving any volume of luxury he is showered upon. In Ahmedabad a collection of 17 lakhs Rs were spent to arrange a reception for him. Very recently he was part of an imperial coronation at Preston. On the one side he advocates simplicity and on the other isde it is he who blesses all the luxury temples built on the name of Jesus and Christianity. It is this controversy that the general public basically questions.

  6. Bens says:

    It is not  a procession that happened in US. it is a photo of the reception at a meeting in Jalandhar on this Monday.

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