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(known till recently as APFC – Regd. No. 89 of 2008)

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Memorandum submitted to Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu

Hon. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

During Christmas Hi-Tea at Guntur on 24-12-2014 

The Federation of Telugu Churches (FTC), which is an apex body of the mainline Churches and major Christian Denominations in the State, is thankful to you for your commitment in championing the cause of secularism and protecting the rights of Minorities especially the Christian Minority Community. As you are aware, the Christian Churches, though a minority, contribute over 25% of charitable services to the society at large. We have been in the forefront in providing education, health care and social welfare particularly to the poorer and weaker sections. To enable us to render these services in a more effective manner, we request you to assist us by redressing the following urgent concerns of the Christian Minority Community:

  1. Please bring pressure on the Central Government to extend SC status to the Dalit Christians (and Dalit Muslims) in order to eradicate the long standing un-constitutional order and discriminatory practice as promised in the Election Manifesto of TDP. Kindly write a letter on this matter to the Honourable Prime Minister.
  1. Kindly ensure the implementation of GO Ms No.341 by reiterating it with a new GO to continue extending the government schemes and concessions granted to the Scheduled Castes to the Dalit Christians.
  1. Please resume the grant-in-aid to the Church-run Educational Institutions and fill-up the vacant aided teachers' posts as recently directed by the Honourable High Court of A.P. since now the Central Government funds are available for this under SSA.
  1. Kindly remove the heavy burden of property tax levied on the Church-run Educational Institutions which render educational service to the weaker sections unlike the corporate schools.
  1. Please re-constitute State Christian (Minority) Finance Corporation allocating at least 25% of the funds and schemes under the Minority Welfare budget to the Christian Minority.
  1. Kindly give representation to Christians in the legislative and civil bodies; allot nominated posts in the municipalities and corporations; and include them in various panels, commissions and boards, especially those concerning education, health and welfare.
  2. Please allocate government lands and funds for the construction of Christian Bhavans (community halls) in the State capital and district headquarters; and for the churches Christian burial grounds wherever needed.
  1. Kindly make of our services and resources on the pattern of PPP model, to establish new educational institutions, heath care centers, welfare homes / hostels in the backward areas for the Dalits and Tribals.
  1. Please declare New Year Day (1st of January) as a public day as many people visit Churches, Mosques and Temples to offer prayers on that.

The Archbishops / Bishops of the FTC and its member Churches assure your Government wholehearted support and cooperation in the development of Swarnandhra Pradesh full of prosperity, peace and harmony. On this occasion of Christmas, we offer special prayers for your health and for success in all your undertakings in the coming year. Thank you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Federation of Telugu Churches in A.P.,


Rt. Rev. Dr. G. Dyvasirvadam               Rt. Rev. Dr. F. Paradeshi Babu                        Most Rev. Dr. Gali Bali

CSI Moderator – Bishop in K-G          AELC Moderator Bishop in Guntur                 RC Bishop of Guntur

President of FTC                               Vice-President of FTC                                  General Secretary


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