Curse of “Pure Blood”Marriage! Still hunting Chicago Church – Varghese Pamplanil

Apropos the presentation of Dr. James Kottoor from Chicago on the matter above. 

I just wonder, at which times and in which world we live.

Why, the Indian origin residents of US, who I presume, by and large, possess credential academic background and earning respectful income persist in clinging to the archaic and retrograde Kottayam based Knanaya out fit, presided over reportedly  by an obdurate and obstinate character. 

In the milieu of Europe, when Emperors, Kings and other rulers were busy in conducting wars and annexing other people’s territories and unconcerned with the wellbeing of their subjects, the Church assumed the role of collecting taxes and other levies. The clerics were supposed to look after the welfare of the general population. 

With the emergence of the modern states, especially the democratic ones, the Church has no effective role to play. It has become redundant just as the appendicitis in our bodies. It is an unnecessary burden giving nothing in return for the huge sums forcefully extracted from its members. Further the Catholic Church, especially the SM one does not allow its members to breath freely. It perches on the shoulders of its members tenaciously just like the  Old Man of Bagdad on Sinbad’s neck. The time may have come to get rid of this constricting, suffocating creature from lives of the SM church members.

This vicious set up, loots money by way of “desamsam” and other forms of levies. The clerics’ greed for money have no limit. Most of the funds collected are pilfered and wasted. There is a widespread belief that the so called “celibates” have wives married in secret under the provisions of clauses 1130 to 1133 of the Cannon Law. There are also reports that many Catholic clerics have concubines and illegitimate offsprings on the sly.

Many Syrian Christians claim that their forefathers belong to some Namboothiri  families who lived in around Kodungalloor at the time Apostle landing there. They may come to this fallacious conclusion of their ancestors residing in “illams”. The word “ilam" means only a residence in Tamil.

Homo sapiens (anatomically modern humans) emerged close to 300,000 to 200,000 years ago, most likely in Africa. Homo Neanderthalenis also emerged at around the same time in Europe and Western Asia. Homo sapiens dispersed from Africa in several waves possibly as early as 250,0000 years ago and certainly by 130,000 years ago. With the so-called Southern Dispersal, beginning about 7000 thousand years ago, began lasting colonisation of Eurasia and Oceania. Homo sapiens met and inter-bread with all types of archaic humans.

Fortunately for them, there was no pure blood Kottayam Knanaya freaks at that time to regulate their mating habits.    

Climatic conditions and food habits of the regions in which they settled, over a long period shaped the humans into different skin colours and physiques. Every body carries the traces of the DNA of the early ancestors. We don’t know which blood is coursing through our veins. Almost all humans are mongrels born to a variety of parents. HENCE PURE BLOOD CLIM IS UTTER CRAP AND DOG SHIT!

My humble suggestion to the enlightened Knanaya Catholics, please get rid  of the self imposed chains and shackles and come out roaring “WE ARE FREE”. Let it be a rebirth by severing the umbilical cord of tradition,  As I understand in a modern society as inn US what matters is intrinsic ability and merit and not family and social connections. Traditional institutions seem to be disappearing. At the most they persist  with the first generation insecure immigrants.

I understand that there are groups known  NONES ( No Church ) in US who pursue their spiritual lives, as the original followers of Jesus did, assembling in homes/small halls. They avoid organised churches. Similar groups function in other parts of the world. They undertake humanitarian activities such as providing food and medicines and financial assistance to the needy and take care of the sick without any fanfare.

At any rate, organised dictatorial episcopal churches are on he way out in many parts of the world. The day is not far off for similar fate for the Zero Church.

VargheseIf some well meaning reformists think that they can set right  the incorrigible SM (Zero) Church by being a part remaining as part of    it , beware that history is not on their side.

Varghese Pamplanil

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