Please  find below a few letters to Editor we receved in response to various  articles we published in the CCV.

We request more of our readers to react with constructive suggestions and criticisms of what we publish. Make this a two-way exercise for the befit of all, we  humbly request. james kottoor, editor, CCV 

C:\Users\Jacob\Desktop\Downloads\13115969_513629052155251_8340023828792995771_o.jpgCongratulations – 18 Aug 2019, 

Jacob Macwan, Bombay to me

Dear James, congratulations on your felicitationsby the Chicago community on 10th August. Your key-note address on the occasion needs to be adopted as the working manual for the community leaders. I am prone to monsoon illnesses and indifferent health, but with God's grace, pulling on Praise the Lord. Stephen Kuncherakatt to me

Dear friend James,

Thank you for your email with your keynote address. It is really thought-provoking. You always take time and reflection before presenting your thoughts to those who are eager to learn from you.

How are you and where are you? Hope you are keeping well. 

May the Lord bless you and grant you all the graces you stand in need of.Please pray for me.Thank you.

Yours sincerely.  

Stephen sdb, Israel?

Arul Louis, in US to me

The "Rape Raj" is not India or Bihar, but US universities and colleges, where according to government statistics, one in five women students — or 20 percent — suffered sexual assaults.

And this was while Obama was the president.

The difference between India and the US is that the US media — especially the elite ones — does not routinely report on sexual assaults like the Indian media does. And where college rapes are concerned, for the journalists, the politicians and the elites there is a special reason not to protest: The rapists in colleges are their — or their social class's — sons, brothers, family friends. 

Only in rare cases do they surface and they would rather talk about India or developing countries to divert attention. 

As you can see in this case, a US judge had been excusing rapists from "good families" and only recently the media dared to expose it.

If you are in the US you might have seen reports about the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein this weekend. He is a multi-millionaire who was friends with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump. He was accused of using and providing under-age girls to his VIP friends for decades, but only this year under Trump federal prosecutors decided to prosecute him. 

What is behind the US silence on rape within their own elite environment while pointing accusing fingers at other countries? 

Is the condition in India, a predominantly Hindu country, worse than in the predominantly Christian US? 

See these for statistics:

Arul, in New York Swami Sachidananda Bharathi

I hope and pray that you are keeping well. May God bless you and the great work you are doing. Thank you for the thought provoking Articles in CCV.

My dear Dr. James, 

At 10.00 AM on 16th Aug 2019, Friday, we will be inaugurating the Kerala Integral Renaissance Movement and the CSSR Parliament of Kerala that will provide the necessary collective wisdom and enlightened leadership to the Movement. This will be at SH College, Thevara.  

I am attaching a copy of the programme schedule and the draft of the Keynote Address to be delivered by me. Please join us if you can.With much love,  

Swami Sachidananda Bharathi

George Nedumparambil,  

Jesus is also referred to as Son of David.  We know from Bible that David had a chequered career as far as his sex life went.  None of it displeased the God Almighty except the one involving his neighbours wife and his adultery with her.  David committed the fatal error of violating commandments.  He not only coveted his neighbour"s wife but also committed adultery with her. 

God is least interested in celibacy as long as the priests live respecting his commandments and in his ways. (Leviticus 26 and Deuternomy 28).  It is time that the Catholic church got rid of mandatory celibacy and found some other ways to ensure that priests do not steal from the church, the reason that celibacy was imposed in the first place.   — George

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