Kindly take this as my B’day greetings response, Please! Birthday today?

james kottoor

Only today Sept. 10th, due to my faulty laptop and faulty memory, I happened to see so many of my global good friends – over 25 or more as I could count – wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Aug.18, completing my 87th year on this earth called THE VALE OF TEARS. 

So please kindly accept my profound apologies for not even responding to your loving greetings! Kindly accept my painful apologies instead! Sept.10th happens to be my better half Agnes my wife’s birthday! which also I forgot and she didn’t remind me of it either! So we two had no celebration, only a busy working day without even the company of any of our children all over the world, That alone is the harsh reality of our life in this Vale of Tears and fleeting joys! No complaints at all from me! Che Sara Sara! 

All that happned, happens, and will happen is for our GOOD, I am forced to believe, not convincingly though, due to myself being a very hard-core RATIONALIST! Please pardon me for it or correct me, if you can! That’s all what I can say, since I think that my top story is still working! 

So kindly take this note as my most HEARTFELT THANKS to all my friends who sent me Birthday greetings, also those who prayerfully thought of me at least! May the Good Lord Sachidananda – Sath+Chith+Anand – or Truth eternal, Love eternal and Light etertnal BLESS you all abundantly as I, being one who lives only from Dawn to Dusk,  unsure of the morrow, do not ask for any length of days! Or GOD BLESS ALL, as the saying goes! james the know-nothing.

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