Priest & Religious who Quit to Hold National Seminar in Ernakulam!

Kerala Catholic Reformation Movement (KCRM) is organizing a National Seminar in Ernakulam on Feb.28th, for those who left Priesthood and Religious life, according to Sri Reji Njallani, the organizing secretary.

    This is the first of its kind ever organized in the history of Catholic Church in India. The seminar proposes to study various problems faced by this rather large section in the Church and to help them to get settled properly in  life. For this purpose KCRM has set up a 101 member Reception Group made up of State Secretary Reji Njallani, Prof. Eppan, Fr. Mani Parampet as secretaries and Sr. Moly, Sr. Sherly,  Fr. George Kaniyassery as joint secretaries and K. George Joseph as Treasurer. Out of these, 25 are selected as Executive Members.

      According to the organizers the KCRM is receiving very encouraging good wishes from wide sections of the Christian community, especially from churches and convents from within and outside Kerala, also from foreign countries like USA, Germany and Australia. Communications are exchanged mostly through social networks. KCRM expresses its deep gratitude to all of them.

      KCRM  takes this occasion to request humbly, sincerely and earnestly all the readers of Almayasabdam, to share this message with friends and acquaintances and thus help this historic Good Samaritan venture a great success for the good of these brothers and sisters of ours who were once serving us for long in various official capacities in the church, but are now left to fend for themselves with little help or attention shown to them from the official Church.

    Registration of participants have already started. Therefore KCRM requests the cooperation of all well wishers to pass on this information to all in your contact who have left priesthood and religious life and are on their own.

The following are the contact numbers: Reji Njallani: (+91)9447105070 (, Fr. Shibu:(+91)9446128322, Sri. K. K. Jose Kandathil: (+91)8547573730, K. George Joseph: (+91)9496313963, and Prof. Eppan:(+91)9446561252 (

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