US polls: Gap narrowing

Sep 12, 2016, Editorial in Asian Age

(Note: Donald  Trump, treated as joke of Republican party’s presidential candidate, seems to be narrowing  in the gap and may even overtake Clinton by the time voting is due. That will make many in US happy, especially those who don’t want a woman as their president. Don’t be surprised if Donald becomes  next US President because democracy itself is a joke in US because it is  money power that James Kottorcounts most in US. It is one % of Americans whose wealth is equal to 99% of the rest who decides the final outcome in every election. It looks Clinton has a trust deficit among the whites in US, though the blacks support her overwhelmingly. james kottoor, editor)

When the US presidential race began, Donald Trump, who was then not the Republican candidate, was treated as a bit of a joke. But soon enough he stormed the Republican establishment and forced it to adopt him as its candidate to fight Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. And now, suddenly, many are saying that Mr Trump has narrowed the gap against his rival.

Some not so well known pollsters, or those without a clear track record, indicated the rivals were nearly level. However, the Reuters/IPSOS poll too indicated the margin was now really thin. Until August, Ms Clinton had led her competitor by a healthy nine percentage points.

No one has offered a cogent explanation for the change. Hairs are being split on whether it’s “registered voters” who are being considered or “likely voters”. Also, the result has turned on whether a field of two was being considered, or of four — including Libertarian and Green candidates.

What has been clear from the beginning, however, is that if only white people voted and the election was held now, Mr Trump might be a shoo-in. He leads Ms Clinton 45-40 among white voters, while Ms Clinton leads 69-17 among non-whites.

But there are imponderables. Many traditionally registered Republican voters say they would vote for Ms Clinton as Mr Trump is a misogynist. On the other hand, many young blacks may not necessarily go and vote for Ms Clinton, who is said to suffer from a trust deficit. For Democrats, particularly, it will be extremely important to get the vote out.

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