Where is this transparency? Varghese Pamplanil

James KottorNote: As is clear from the headline, the image of the writer and the content of his letter, our esteemed columnist Sri Pamplanil is asking for transparency on the part of the editor of CCV, which the Editor of CCV demands from all especially from the bishops and administrators of the Church.

He is on very solid grounds here in raising such a question. In fact  the editor himself wrote weeks ago, on  his Face Book, that he wished Mar Alencherry on his birth day on April 19th and received a reply from him. Prompted by curiosity and legitimate enquiry, he  also asked if anyone thought of writing to him as he was drowning in a land-sale controversy, also to know, to how many true friends he has both in shine and rain, in foul weather or fair weather.

One may agree or disagree with a friend, but that should weaken one’s friendship, if we all agree with the principle, “We have to love the sinner and hate his sin only,” also the greater principle: “Love your enemies!” But no one came forward to answer that question making me to infer that there was hardly any to rejoice with him publicly on his birthday.      

In spite of that we are sure many of his friends would have met him personally like Nicademus under ‘cover of darkness’ or through letters of friendship, goodwill and prayers. So we promise Pamplani to think seriously over his request and try to come up to his expectations, on the question of transparency, for the sake of the principle we all advocate. james kottoor, ccv editor. 

Varghese Pamplanil

Sri Pamplanil’s letter:



In his rejoinder to my response to Pope Francis (see CCV May 1st and Chewing the Cud, on April 27) admitting his error in judgement in the matter of Sex Abuse by the cleric of the Chilean Catholic Church and his meeting with three of the victims as an act of atonement, Dr. Kottoor, inter alia, had mentioned that his letter to Cardinal Alencherry was promptly responded in Good Spirit. 

The gesture  of the Cardinal was quite different from the other Kerala Church bishops who ignore the views and reactions of the people concerned in the SM Church affairs conveyed to them by the Editor of CCV, in good faith. He had mentioned that the ignoring the desperate pleas and voices of the “Cattle Class" is not a welcome thing. The bishops should know that the non-cleric members of  the SM Church too have a stake in its future. 

In the fitness of things, the readers of the CCV may be mighty keen that  the contents of the correspondence exchanged between Dr Kottoor and the Cardinal is made available  in the public domain for the benefit of all  the Citizens of the Church. 

Looking forward to a  favourable response of the Editorial Officials of CCV and with regards to one and all. 

Varghese Pamplanil


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