Meritocracy: Beyond

Thoughts  from Osho – Democracy and Mobocracy!

 In the run up to the next presidential election in America, the democratic James Kottorprocess has caught the attention of the entire world. Has democracy had its day, and what do we put in its place? Given below are  some thoughts of Osho received through email, but worth meditating upon.james kottoor, editor

 "Democracy is not the highest goal. It is better than dictatorial regimes, it is better than monarchies, but it is not the end of the journey – because democracy basically means government by the people, of the people, for the people, but the people are retarded. So let us say: government by the retarded, for the retarded, of the retarded.

"Democracy cannot be the highest possibility man can attain. It is good in comparison to other forms of government that have preceded it, but not something that can succeed it. I call that meritocracy. "I want a government by the people of merit. "And merit is a very rare quality.” Osho, From Bondage to Freedom, Talk #31

 But don’t we need elections to choose our leaders? "How can you choose a president by election? How can you choose a governor by election? You are giving so much power to power-hungry people; with your own hands you are telling them to hang you! This is not democracy. In the name of democracy these people have been exploiting the masses.” Osho, From Misery to Enlightenment, Talk #8

 "Merit will be the decisive factor. Not whether you can gather votes by canvassing all kinds of promises and hopes, but your merit, your real power in the scientific world will decide. And once government comes into the hands of the scientist, then everything is possible because I have called science, objective religion; and religion, subjective science." Osho, From Ignorance to Innocence, Talk #15

So how can the idea of meritocracy be realized practically? "One thing is absolutely certain: The days of the politicians are over. They have done too well their job of being destructive, violent. "They have come to a point where humanity has to decide either to die remaining with the politicians, to commit a global suicide, or to throw out the politicians and save humanity, civilization, culture, life.” Osho, From Misery to Enlightenment, Talk #8

"Let the whole society be slowly divided into communes of creative people. There is no need for political parties in the world. Every individual should stand on his own merit. And people can choose. Why should there be a political party? There is no reason. If you need a finance minister, all the great experts you have in economics and finance can compete for it, and someone can be chosen for it. There is no need for any party. We should move from party politics to pure individuals – from democracy, from dictatorship, to meritocracy. "Merit should be the only decisive point. And we have so many people of great merit – but they should not become part of a political party, they should not degrade themselves. To become part of a political party is below them – to beg for votes and promise you false things which they cannot fulfill. So only the third-class people, very mediocre people, become part of political parties; the best remain out." Osho, Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries, Talk #11

 "It looks utopian. Who is going to do it? How is it going to happen? Hence the question – how are we going to make it a reality? "It is utopian, but the situation is such that within twenty years politicians will bring you to the brink of death. Then you will have to choose; and at that time, when you have to choose between death and meditation, I think you will choose meditation – you are not going to choose death."

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