The cry of the New born Babies – Jose Paul (N Delhi)

Almost every hour of each day hundreds of us are entering into this wonderful world we call Earth. We all are born in different parts of the earth, in different cultures, in different regions, to different religious groups. Every one of these religions, cultures and regions receive new born babes as creative work of God who is divine, pure with not stains of sin in His person. Some of us babes are born to Catholic parents. Catholic Church believes that every one of us is uniquely created by the loving God. The loving catholic community believes that each one of us is a product of His love. Catholic Church also believes that God is purity incarnation. Jesus the son of God is also is devoid of stains of any sin. It also teaches that Mother Mary, the mother of God (Jesus), is also immaculately pure. But the church teaches us that we, the just born babies (though we don’t even understand what a sinful or evil act and good or divine act is) are already stained by the sins committed by our first grant parents. What we cannot understand is that how could God who is absolutely pure and have no stains of sin or evil could create us with the stains of sin. He could create our life only with the materials He owns. Sin and stains of sin are not belonging to His assets. He being a kind and loving Father will not even think of His creation start their life with the stain of Sin. Some of leaders of the organized hierarchical church in later centuries created this ‘original sin concept’ for us. For what?  Don’t ask us. Some of you who are adults and great scholars and thinkers will know the reason. But one thing is sure for us. Our dear Father did not create us with stains of sin and we don’t have any original sin. You may say that Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist. He was baptized not because He had original sin in Him but as a sign of the humility and humbleness of Jesus. He wanted to show us that He is a servant and not the boss.

We are not babies with original sin of our forefathers. If you, the Catholic Hierarchy and the faithful still hold on that we come with original sin, we request you in this year of KINDNESS and FORGIVNESS, to kindly release us from this virtual original sin of your creation by using your power of kindness and forgiveness. We will be happy to come into this world pure bundle of joy and you will be happy to receive us as pure and absolutely immaculate creations of our Lord. You can also celebrate this year of Kindness and forgiveness with Joy.

We, the new born babies, the ones who are yet to be born for the church and even babies born in other religions wish you the best in this year which  Pope Francis has declared as the year of kindness bringing joy to you and us’ the babies. With love and kisses to all of you in the love of Jesus Christ.

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