Again letter to Editor!

War of words! 

James Kottoor <>

Dear, dear Pamplanil,

“Now as for those enemies of mine who did not want me as their king, bring them here and slay them before me.” (Luke  19: 27).  

I sent this quote from Jesus, with the following note to my friend: 

Did you ever read this and find an answer or explanation?

You have many Episcopal scripture scholar professors; did you consult them and find a convincing answer, if this illiterate Galilean said it, if he did, what  did he mean?

Couldn't sleep the whole night, since this was torturing my mind. So please help. You are my quick reference dictionary to clear my STUPID  thoughts freely with tour ‘wise-cracks’! james the "know-nothing"

He replied on 16 July 2020 

E:\Desktop\image-copy.jpegDear James. I am sorry about your dilemma. For me the bible is unreliable book cobbled up by  some ignorant persons in secrecy when people were by a large illiterate. Every Tom, Dick and Harry could have meddled with the book while copying manually.. I won’t touch it except to throw at  a rabid dog. Otherwise won’t touch even with a bargepole. My understanding: there are hardly a dozen sayings which can be  attributed to Jesus. Nothing of the sort quoted by you would have happened. Better dump bible into some corner among waste. Recommend reading  the findings of Jesus Seminar carefully.  Dear James, I had further thoughts in the matter. Frankly Jesus, whoever he was, is of no relevance to me. I happened to be born to Syrian Catholic parents and baptized when I was 7 days old wailing baby. 

He further added on Jul.16, to me

Did anyone  have my informed consent for the charade called baptism. As I told you many times. I started having doubts about the teaching of the Church from the age of 18. Fully engaged in the business of living by securing jobs from 1961 I did not pay much attention to the bullshit church. Fortunately I started living in Bombay from 14 December 1962 having got a job in a Central Government job which I ditched in September 1963 when I joined RBI.  

The cunning and cheating Church did not have any control over me ever since. It so happened  I  am a bit smart than the clerics and the church. I did not subject my sons under the control of the child abusers. Now my pension being paid by RBI I call the tune to the Church. My children and their family are citizens of U.K. and USA. 

The bloody church, their bible and Jesus can go to Hell for I care. The buffalo believers can perish in their shit. I study church history and try to expose the utter lies of the Church for FUN. If some good comes out of it, it’s okay. If not I care a damn? My eyes require surgery. I may resume my writing afresh after at least 3 months. 

With warm regards, Vakkachen.

(First have a good surgery. After that we can deal with the whole lot of bull-shit for us Cow = worshiping Indians, I understand.james}

James: That doesn’t remove the BLOCK the illiterate Galilean put in my  throat! Heaping upon him filthy epitaphs will not prove you right, only reveal how rotten your mouth is. He is more alive and kicking in this world, may be illiterate and bastard, none of his fault.

For me he is the amalgam of best and the worst in the world. You have to accep it as it is, whether destructible or undestructible ENERGY or what not!

I have to do or die, Spit out that MAN ordering murder, unthinkable!  If not (Luke  19: 27…. “slay them before me?”  I throw to  general public to find an answer. Yes, it is an SOS (save our souls) if you believe in souls. Let them have a free for all discussion. Otherwise dump this rot, ORGANIZED RELIGIONS,  in the dust bin of history for good.


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