The Imbeciles of the SM Church and their Quixotic Survey – Varghese Pamplanil

JosephNote: I also happened to see the SM Family Survey screwing into the delicacies of family life. A young lady boldly replied the priest concerned to keep away a little giving some freedom to wedded laity. Adding more shame, the survey questions were openly discussed in the social media.

Two things came to my mind; the first was that they did not care to do a survey, when Pope Francis asked them to do before the the last Synod on family. These prelates were summarising their assumptions and forwarded it to Vatican that time. The next thing that came to my mind is that the survey should have been first on matters like how people meet both ends, how easily the laity support children’s education, if there are any unmarried ladies for reasons of lack of money, any member require palliative care, any family suffering from internal discord etc etc. Forgetting all these they ask, ‘what are you using to control child birth, condom or pills?’. The SM Church has gone beyond all limits of an organisation of manners. It has become, just a corporate den of cheats! Read the review by our columnist Shri Varghese Pamplani. Joseph Mattappally -Asso. Editor CCV.

Varghese Pamplanil.

vargheseWhat prompted this reaction is the news item in today’s Mathrubhoomi about the prying and invasive family survey being conducted by the Zero SM Church on the family planning methods employed by SM Church couples to limit the number of children they would have. 

Does the pigheaded in charge of the survey is aware of the background of the long forgotten moth eaten Humane Vitae (1968)? Or is the crook trying to take the “goats/cattle” through the blind alley? If he is really ignorant about the matter, let him read “My Struggle for Freedom” by Hans Kung. 

Hans Kung says that despite the employment of the usual tricks by the modern day avatar of the body of Inquisition, direct intervention of Pope Paul, manipulation by the Holy Office,  the Commission set up by the Second Vatican Council, consisting of theological and lay experts in the field including Hans Kung, presented a consistent solution to the Council on Responsible Parenthood. Article 50 of the recommendations affirmed, in a  welcoming way that “the married couple must in the end themselves decide" how many children they would like to have and choose the appropriate methods in this purpose. On 16 November 1965, the chapter on Marriage and Family which had been revised and discussed time and again was placed for vote. Two votes produced more than 2000 ‘placet’ and only 91 and 144 ‘non- placet’ votes. But the Grand Inquisitor, Cardinal Ottavani (half blind, 75 year old baker’s son from Trastevere, who all down the years have been in charge an orphanage there)  sabotaged everything and then emerged from the womb of the most horrible wretched wicked witch and whore of Rome, the Frankenstein’s Monster Humane Vitae, the pages of which have been used up by the Catholics of Europe as toilet paper in dire situations in the absence of any viable  alternative. Now the imbecile of a cleric has unearthed the shit soiled encyclical to dirty the faces of the “goats/cattle”   

church-quest-pic-719172As an aside, does this guy is aware of the abortions done to the white nuns who became pregnant due to rape by the black soldiers in Congo during the region of Pope Pious XII.

If the Zero Church is keen in having more children to fill its pews and available for being ravished by the sex starved sham celibates, let these often inebriated clerics have sexual intercourses with the nuns of the nearest convent and breed like pigs to increase the number of “cattle” as was suggested by Joseph Pulikkunnel years ago.  In case any  liaisons result in pregnancy, the pregnant female be married to the man responsible, in secret, under the provisions of Canon Laws 1130 to 1133 for legitimating the bastard. The “deep mystery “thereof should, as usual, be kept with the Curia as is the extant practice, from the eyes and the ears of the “cattle”.

In this new Utopian world, let the Zero Church have abundance of “Holy Children’. And  let its ordinary members  live in  peace with their inalienable fundamental right to privacy and dignity intact.  


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