Vatican suspends Bangalore priest accused of rape

സൌര്‍ചെ: UCAN

Activists are now campaigning for reopening of the case.


The Vatican has suspended a priest of Bangalore archdiocese accused of rape in what is described as a first in India.

Father S Bartholomeow, the parish priest of Our Lady of Fatima Church, Jalahalli in North Bengaluru, was accused in a rape case in 2013 in Kunigal, Tumkur district. The case was subsequently closed after the complainant turned hostile. A

Activists are now campaigning for reopening of the case. 

Bartholomeow, police sources investigating the murder of St Peter’s rector Father KJ Thomas, say was a close associate of Fr Patrick, a priest arrested in the murder case. 

Bangalore Archbishop Bernard Moras, while confirming the suspension, told Times of India newspaper: "He has received the order, I cannot comment on why he was suspended or any other details now. It's best you ask him (Bartholomeow)."

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  1. Jose Joseph says:

    Each such incidents reinstates the urgent action to end strict celibacy. If the Protestant Church could survive without strict celibacy, the Catholic Church could survive too. What we need is a leadership willing to shed its ego and make sensible changes. None of us get any pleasure by sending a priest to the prison. Remember they are our brothers and their victims, our own children.

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