Flaws in Vatican Instruction on Delhi Eparchy P.C. Joseph (Chennai)

P.C. on Vatican order on Delhi Settlement

                              (Note: Since CCV is interested mainly to help parties in conflict to learn from each other to reduce disagreements, we have  published  the analysis of Chennai Team  opposing  a SM Eparchy there for the  last 40 years. Their outspoken person P.C.Joseph, actually disagrees with the  Settlement of Vatican on Delh’s  Faridabad issue. Below he explains his reasons for the disagreement.   We invite all readers, James Kottoralso from Delhi Eparchy, to come forward with their helpful comments throwing light to dispel confusion. Given below is the personal views of Sri P.C.Joseph from Chennai. james kottoor, editor.)  

The instruction of the congregation for oriental churches to the faithful of SMR church residing in Delhi concerning the request of some faithful of the Syro Malabar Church residing in Delhi to be permitted to receive the sacraments in the Latin Church.

The Kerala Catholics of” Syro origin” living in Chennai should read this instruction, line by line to understand and ask yourself whether it is of any use to you or the next generation.

1.The introduction of SMR diocese of Faridabad and including Delhi can cause sense of disorientation to some who have been staying in Latin Parishes for a long time.

Our doubt: Is it a sickness? The canon law says that Kerala Catholics whose parents or grandparents were members of Syrian Church in Kerala but now living in a Latin parish has no choice but to join the SMR church when it is erected in Chennai. It is  permanent burden on the present and future generation and not a sense of disorientation.)

2.This situation can be HAPPILY managed even within the frame work of EXISTING LAW, if all concerned act with mutual understanding and respect.

Our doubt: What are these laws? Who are all the concerned. Who are to show respect and understanding. The prefect is blaming the Bishops concerned. We have been pleading with the bishops and archbishops about our problems but they said they are helpless to change the laws of the church.)

3.No one has the right to choose his rite. It is a truth and nothing but truth. The bishops concerned are ready to facilitate change of rite presuming the assent of the Apostolic See.

( Our experience: It is not easy. No SM bishop will readily agree to let a sheep go and join another rite.  And the Latin bishops will not try to displease their counterpart).

4.There are some SMR faithful who experience difficulties in participating SMR liturgy and prayers. But they do not want to change their rite. They do not want to change the rite. This is most understandable and praise worthy.

Our difficulties: We have no difficulties in participating the SMR liturgy and they do not want to change the rite. This is  praise worthy if your grace understand the reasons for not changing the rite.

Our problems are different. Our children’s problems are different. Persons sitting in the ivory towers will never understand. We do  want to enjoy all facilities offered by the Latin parish as a visitor. We want to be a part of Latin parish and participate in the parish activities. The Syro Malabar rite church practice apartheid in Kerala and they do not accept an outsider into their fold. They do not allow a Latin priest to use their altar to celebrate Holy Mass. Neither they join a Latin Mass when except they go to Rome or foreign countries.

Anybody, even non-Christian can participate in any church. But they cannot become members.

5.The Canon Law of Latin Rite church emphasizes that the custom of receiving the sacraments in a given church sui iuris does not imply ascription to it. ( it is a new information for the laity. We have been innocently receiving sacraments in Latin rite churches for ages.)

6.Syro Malabar Faithful who in force of the law is a member of S.M. Parish. But he can as well remain fully involved in the life and activities of Latin rite Parish.

The Latin Parish priests and parishioners are not  ignorant lot. They will not allow to participate the member of another church in their parish activities. He is free to give subscription to both churches.

7.Both the pastors are called to understand the delicate situation.

Reality:  The Syro-Malabar  do not allow a Latin priest to celebrate Holy Mass in his church. They do not co celebrate Holy Mass.

8.In practice  the Latin Pastor who substitute for the  LEGITIMATE Pastor fulfill what is established by law, for the following sacraments. (Does it mean that the Latin Pastor is illegitimate!)  Baptism, confirmation, and marriage. For baptism the Latin pastor will request PERMISSION  from the oriental pastor.

In the baptism register of the Latin parish, “Syro Malabar Rite” should be marked. The certificate of baptism should be sent to the pastor of the oriental rite Church. A Latin Pastor can conduct the marriage of two Latins. (Does it need permission from the congregation?)If the marriages are between two Syros, the Latin pastor should obtain delegation ad validitatem from the oriental pastor. In the case of mixed marriage, competent hierarch is oriental .

This contains many  hidden insults to the substituting Latin Pastor. For example if you call the oriental pastor as legitimate pastor, the substitute pastor becomes illegitimate. He becomes and assistant parish priest to the SM.  Parish priest.

9.In case of a marriage, if taking place in Kerala, the free state certificate  from Latin or  syro pastor will be accepted. 

It is easy for the cardinal to say it from Vatican. In practice  S.M .Parish priests of Kerala do not accept the certificates of genuine Latin parish priests even after receiving advice from the S.M Major archbishop.

These are my personal view. I do not ask any body to accept it or CMCA to adopt it.  P.C.Joseph. Phones:9841131372, Land:044-26442751

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3 Responses

  1. Look at other living things and creations of God. They also serve God the way it is desired by Him. For example, the birds in the sky do glorify God, their creator, by doing what they are supposed to be doing. All animals do what is desired of them. The trees and plants around us also glorify God by doing things as desired by God. God made each creation with distict charecters and purposes and they do it perfectly well except human beings. It is only human beings that devided their race in the name of cast, creed, colour, religion etc I don't think, God created men in order to shower Him with oral praises. That is the attitude, the earthly kings will desire of their people. Are we to equate God in the same category as human kings? When hyman beings do their living by sharing and loving each other, the purpose of their creation is complete and may not need to have lakhs of religious activities as prescribed by various religions and different rites. God will certainly be pleased about men when they do that.  

  2. Abraham Koothottil. says:

    The syro-Malabar bishops have made themselves so powerful in Rome with their malayalee cunningness that Vatican sends out such instructions which go against the basic principles and the universality of the Church. My son for example goes to the Latin Church in Coimbatore to participate in the liturgy because he finds that ligurgy more beautful and inspiring, also because in the Latin Church the whole family can be together, instead of having his wife on the other side and the children moving from one side to another to have the nearness of the father and mother. 

  3. Abraham Koothottil. says:

    All the discussions about the Rite issue is in fact meaningless and against the basic freedom of men and women! It is part and parcel of man's dignity and freedom to accept any religion or reject all religions. If this should be recognised as the basic right of a human being living today on earth, how stupid is the directive that nobody has the right to change his Rite!  A Rite in the catholic church differs from another Rite only in the peripheral and superficial aspects such as the prayers recited , vestments worn in the liturgy, seating arrangements in the Church…etc. If a Syrian Catholic prefers the Latin Rite, its liturgy, its discipline, let him have the full freedom to choose that. Why should he be forcefully retained in the Syrian Rite…..

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