End of Global village is end of Catholicity! ‘Covid 19’: Shut down to Global village?


james kottoor

Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian thinker, coined the term 'Global Village' in the 1960s. He was highlighting the results of the coming of internet, which wiped out totally and instantly the distances of space and time – space to the shouting distance of a ‘village’ and time to a fraction of a second! 

What is loaded on the internet, photos or message, reaches instantly the other side of the globe or any where in the universe. Don’t they? The internet makes us Global and Local: GLOKAL at once! 

Fall of Berlin Wall!

Then came the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was the universal exemplification, proclamation and execution of what McLuhan initiated – a world without boarders! But what has happened with the arrival of Donald Trump as the US president? 

His great achievement was the closing down of the American border with Mexico and the ongoing construction of a mighty wall to beat that great wall of China! Pope Francis’ reaction to it was, those who build walls cannot be a Christian, whose duty is to build bridges! 

Arrival of ‘Covid 19’

Now what is happening with the sudden appearance on the horizon of what is called, “Covid 19?” Practically all the nations of the world, starting with TRUMP are busy putting a break to immigrants to US – Cheers to him for coming first to block immigration, himself an Immigrant!

Fortunately India, in spite of Modi-Sha government, but thanks to its ages old “Athidi Devo Bhava Vision”, it still sticks to its universal Vision: “Vasudeva Kudumbakam” and “Loka Samasta Sukhino Bavantu!” 


But in the wake of  ‘Covid 19’, what is happening to thousands of Churches led by the one which prides itself as CATHOLIC (Oximoron)? or provincial to the core? Providentially, its leader Francis has not told any one to close borders, in spite of Italy being the worst hit by Covid 19, after China! Accolades to him! 

But what about the world of bishops – the national Hierarchies? Who cares for the Pope, though he preaches first with his actions than with his words! They go on and on their jolly good ride on Limousines, not caring to look at Francis using a “Fiat” or any other ‘Volksvagans’! He also carries his own travel bags, serves Buffe by himself and lives in a small apartment in Santa Marta! 

Dust of  the Empire!

“Oh Tempora!, Oh Mores!” of the Catholic culture! Just think of what this “Know-nothing” was forced to say on August  10th last year in  the Chicago speech, taking the cue from Good Pope  Jihn XXIII: “Wipe out the dust of the Empire accumulated on the throne of Peter, ever since the time of Constantine!” He said that because, that alone was the one purpose of his calling the Vatican II. 

Leech called Clericalism!

Have we achieved that goal? Or aren’t we still living in the Church of Constantine – all of us both Clergy and laity with rare exemption? Like a leech called CLRICALISM (the clergy especially the bishops) is sticking to posh living of the comfortable class of “Electi, Selecti, Santificati”(elected, selected and doing the work of sanctifying) to rule over with privileged titles and dominate, without sweating a drop of sweat? 

Tagore’s Prayer!

Recall the prayer of Tagore, we quoted at the end of Chicago speech! “Leave this chanting and singing and telling of beads! Whom dost thou worship in this lonely dark corner of a temple with doors all shut? Open thine eyes and see thy God is not before thee. He is there where the tiller is tilling the hard ground and where the path maker is breaking stones. He is with them in sun and in shower and his garment is covered with dust. Put off thy holy mantle and even like him come down on the dusty soil”. 

We have already heard much on the endless meaningless, nousiating rituals called liturgy or Novena lip services, both from Pamplanil, speakimg for Syromalabar, and Nedumparmbil for the Latin Churches. These rituals are helping only to drive people crazy and out than draw people into the Church, they have pointed out. 

Cut-down & Shut down!

Fortunately COVID 19 has at least succeeded to cut down or shut down all meaningless and heartless noisy lip-service, to the tune of  musical teams of paid choirs, to force worshipers to return to the command of JESUS THE JEW to pray in silence closing down one’s own all five doors of the senses! Didn’t he teach us  that by example, always going up to the mountain to pray alone? 

You may call Him, God, Man or Son of God! But he has always set us an example of the Ideal SON OF MAN, swinging like a pendulum to both the  extremes, SWEET and BITTER: “Sweet Jesus, meek and mild” to sinners, drunkards and prostitutes, but  “Rough, Wild and Bitter” to ‘High priests, hypocrites, white washed sepulchers and brood of vipers’. May be, he knew of the Indian techniques of using Samam, Danam, Bhedam, Dendam to mould people! He did take up the whip adhering to the adage: ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child!”  

Holy Thursday Show!

Clericalism will be having its MEGA SHOW on Holy Thursday, washing the feet of the 12. What Jesus wanted to do was not a dramatic show dressed in silk and satin, but doing the “foot-washing ministry” of a mendicant, trudging the dusty roads,YES of the THE SON OF MAN who didn’t have a place even to rest his head, unlike the birds of the air and foxes in the wilds. 

How could he?,  born in a cattle shed, could have shown a better way?  For that, his followers will have to live the life of the Cattle class, and not imitating Generals in the army of Constantine, who by right of royal claims have to live in cozy comfort while the foot soldiers in the battle field, should do and die! 

Serving the least, last, lost!

Will the “Covid 19” succeed at leastg to prompt the Church leaders to set an edifying example of doing “Foot-washing ministry” to the poorest of this world whom Jesus called the “least of my brethren?” james kottoor, editor ccv. 

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